Thursday, December 1, 2011

30-Day Bollywood Soundtrack Challenge - Days 26-30

And finally!!! The last five songs of my 30-Day Bollywood Soundtrack Challenge picks!

Day 26 - A song you play when you're happy:

"Panchhi Banoon" from Chori Chori (1956) is THE happiest song ever. Can you seriously listen to it without smiling or wanting to skip through fields and forests?

Day 27 - A song you play when you're sad:

I love a lot of sad songs, but "Tere Bina Zindagi" from Aandhi (1975) is hauntingly beautiful ...

Day 28 - A song that makes you laugh:

"Ek Chatur Nar" from Padosan (1968) is the ultimate ... Mehmood is the KING but Kishore Kumar and Sunil Dutt are awesome as well. What a team and what a fantastic movie!

Day 29 - A song you can relate to:

"Ae Dil Dil Ki Duniya Mein" from Yaadein (2001) is not necessarily a great song, and the picturization is seriously odd (why are people rocking out to this sad, slow song at the club?), but there was a time when I really could relate to the lyrics - particularly the part about 'bahar koi hasta hai, andar koi rota hai' (on the outside they laugh, but on the inside they are crying).

Day 30 - A favorite song that is picturized on the legend that is Amitabh Bachchan:

I love SOOO many Amitabh songs so it was really, really hard to choose one as a favorite, but "Dekha Na Haye Re" from Bombay to Goa (1972) is definitely one of the top ones on my list. And hey, I can really see where Abhishek Bachchan gets his fashion sense from ...

Thanks for sticking with me through this challenge ... I'm looking forward to trying the same with Tamil songs next!

30-Day Bollywood Soundtrack Challenge - Days 21-25

More of the Bollywood Soundtrack 30-Day Challenge ...

Day 21 - A difficult song that you wish you could sing:

It was a toss up between "Jhoote Naina" and "Suniyo Ji" from Lekin (1991) - both are gorgeous, difficult classically-based songs. Suniyo Ji is probably more difficult technically, but I absolutely love Jhoote Naina. I'm more of an Asha Bhosle fan than Lata Mangeshkar (though both are phenomenal and unique in their own ways), and I could practice forever and never get those perfect little trills that Asha does in Jhoote Naina!

Day 22 - A song that you know the whole routine and choreography to:

There's a lot of songs that I've memorized the dances to - particularly girl dances by Madhuri Dixit and Aishwariya Rai (think "Piya Ghar Aaya", "Thodasa Pagla" and "Dhola Re Dhola", for example) ... but then I also love to watch the totally random moves of background dancers in songs and memorize a lot of those too. And then there's the aerobic ridiculousness of the Sridevi-Jeetendra routines from the 80s -- "Ek Aankh Marun" from Tohfa (1984) is one of my favorites and yes I do have every single one of these nonsensical moves memorized.

Day 23 - A song that you dedicate to your friends:

"Thodisi Jo Peeli Hai" from Namak Halal (1982) will always remind me of one of the best parties I've ever been to, at which our group of friends actually partied to this song on the dance floor!

Day 24 - A song that no one would expect you to love:

"Zubi Zubi" from Dance Dance (1987) is a pretty random song to love. Amrish Puri is beyond creepy in it too. But I have a remix of it on my iPod and I've been known to put it on repeat on occasion.

Day 25 - A song that reminds you of your childhood:

"O Gopala" from Gopaal Krishna (1979) was choreographed by my mom back in the early 80s for a large group of her students in Canada. I think I was about five or six years old the first time I performed it, and I still remember the entire dance! I love this song.

More to come and sorry the updates have been so spaced out!