Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bollystalgia Podcast!: K-K-K-K-Kiran! My favorite SRK songs ...

So I finally got around to finishing up my list of Raj Rahul Shah Rukh Khan songs for Episode 2 of the Bollystalgia Podcast ... it's my favorite songs of his through the 90s and now most of this past decade as well. Again, the sound levels may be a bit wonky, but I figure it'll get better as I keep messing around with it ...

Anyway, from Deewana to Billu, here are some of the most gorgeous ballads, charming melodies, and rocking dance numbers from Shah Rukh Khan's filmography. This was fun because it made me re-visit a lot of the songs that I've forgotten from the early and mid 90s. It also re-established how much I love cheesy Yash Raj movies.

You can see the original blog post on SRK, with video links, here.

If anyone has songs they'd like to add, or thoughts/comments they wanted to share, please comment or email/tweet me, or even send an audio clip of your comments, and I'd be happy to include them in the next podcast.

Up next? My epic Salman Khan love-fest list, BollyDisco!, Villain's Lair songs, Rain songs, and more ...

So here's Bollystalgia Podcast! Episode 2: My favorite Shah Rukh Khan Songs
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to .... Me! (Shameless, aren't I?)

Hey! So today is my 33rd birthday, and I am super excited to be another year older and wiser. I absolutely refuse to be one of those chicks who thinks my life is over at 40, I'm really enjoying my 30s and wouldn't go back to my 20s for ANYTHING. Life is so much more secure, stable, comfortable, confident and just plain HAPPY in my 30s.

Anyway, realizing that it was my birthday once again led me to think of how my sisters and I, back in our days of being in a band together, always had a song handy in case it was someone in the audience's birthday. The obvious choice was this one:

BAAR BAAR DIN from Farz (1967)

But sometimes we'd choose more off-beat ones, like O MAMMA DEAR MAMMA from Saajan Bina Suhagan (1978) (check out the baby Padmini Kohlapuri in it!), or one of our personal favorites:

HUM BHI AGAR BACCHHE HOTE from Door Ki Awaaz (1964)

Occasionally we'd get a request for O NANHE SE FARISHTE from Ek Phool Do Mali (1969):

or AAYE HAI BAHAAREN from Ram Aur Shyam (1967)

Another standby of ours was:

AATI RAHENGE BAHAREN from Kasme Vaade (1978)

Great stuff.

I only wish my birthdays could be as cool as these:

AAO JHOOME from Ek Ladka Ek Ladki (1992)

MACHALJANE KA DIN HAI from One Two Ka Four (2001)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MR. PEDRO from Prem Deewane (1992)

MERE RANG MEIN from Maine Pyar Kiya (1990)

GAA RE MANN from Baabul (2006)

BIRTHDAY PARTY (tamil song) from Maya Bazaar (1995)

Nalam Vazhvu Ennalum (tamil song) from Marupadiyum (1993)

I remember on my 15th birthday, my sisters and I got into a fight with our friends over whether you're supposed to sing "Happy Birthday" BEFORE blowing out the candles/cutting the cake or after. We were pretty sure it was before, which is clearly the American way. In Bollywood, it appears you sing AFTER the candles are blown out/cake is cut. What do you think, my friends? We finally decided the the Bollywood way was what we would refer to as "Heppy Bird-day" (said in the accent). Those friends were definite HFS (Hindi Film Star) wannabes anyway.

Sooo this year, my sweet husband tried to book me a spa day, but I refused ... too expensive and unnecessary. I'll have the babysitter for a couple of hours tomorrow and will do the requisite mani-pedi or hair appointment if I have time after working out. We'll do dinner after he gets back from work ... but I hope he doesn't have to work late, or else I'll be singing this:

I guess I'll be happy as long as my birthday doesn't turn out like this:

Or the most memorable birthday scene in Hindi Cinema for ME ... the scene in Darr where Shah Rukh Khan shows up at Juhi Chawla's birthday!


Anyway, if someday I do get around to throwing myself a big soiree for my birthday I hope it's as awesome as this party:

Thanks as always for checking out the blog, and hope that if you have links to any great birthday songs/scenes from Hindi or Tamil movies that I've missed, you will definitely let me know.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Song of the Day: Parveen & Shatrughan Sinha get cozy in Chor Police

Today I was humming this gorgeous old favorite from 1983 - Tumse Milke Zindagi Ko Yun Laga from Chor Police, the directorial debut of Amjad Khan which apparently tanked. I don't remember much about the movie, but I always loved this song! And upon re-watching, am a bit scandalized by how sensual it is! Parveen is either a tremendous actress, or she really had some warm fuzzies for Shatrughan Sinha. I can't think about Parveen too much because it is just too strange and sad.

Anyway, this beautiful song was sung by Lata Mangeshkar and composed by R.D. Burman.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Paani Ne Kaisi Yeh Aag Lagayi - Rain Songs: my favorites

So I think there is a plethora of Rain Song Lists online, between blogs, articles and fan videos on YouTube, but after Filmfare's recent Rain Songs article and Dhoonya Dance's Facebook call for Favorite Rain Songs, I figured I might as well immortalize my favorites too, for posterity ... my favorite rain songs are ALL OVER THE PLACE in era & type (sexy vs. romantic vs. fun/dance-y). The title of this post refers to my favorite Bollywood rain song - "Parbhat Se Kaali Ghata Takrayee" from Chandni.

I'm not going to add commentary, there's plenty of commentary out there already on rain songs and the highlights/ridiculousness of them, plus the themes and repeat offenders of the rain songs are made obvious by skimming the list. I just wanted to list some of my favorites or ones that have remained in my head over the years ...

Pyar Hua Ikraar Hua (Shree 420) - 1955

Yeh Raat Bheegi Bheegi (Chori Chori) - 1956

Ik Ladki Bheegi Bhagi Si (Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi) - 1958

O Sajna Bharka Bahar (Parakh) - 1960

Dum Dum Diga Diga (Chhalia) - 1960

Rhimjhim Ke Tarane (Kala Bazaar) - 1960

Dil Tera Deewana Hai Sanam (Dil Tera Deewana) - 1962

Jaane Chaman (Gumnaam) - 1965

Chup Gaye Sare (Do Raaste) - 1969

Rama Rama (Naya Zamana) - 1971

Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho (Hanste Zakhm) - 1973

Gore Rang Pe Na Itna (Roti) - 1974

Hai Hai Yeh Majboori (Roti Kapada Aur Makaan) - 1974

Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein (Ajnabi) - 1974

Prem Kahani (Prem Kahani) - 1975

Pyar Ke Din Aaye Kali Badal (Mahachor) - 1976

Rim Jhim Gire Saawan (Manzil) - 1979

Aaj Rapat Jaye (Namak Halal) - 1982

Mujhe Kya Hua (Justice Chaudhary) - 1983

Sajna O Sajna (Paisa Yeh Paisa) - 1985

Jhan Jhananan (Nazrana) - 1987

Kaaten Nahin Katthe (Mr. India) - 1987

Parbhat Se Kali, Lagi Aaj Sawan, Aa Meri Jaan (Chandni) - 1989

Dhak Dhak (Gharana) - 1989

Na Jane Kahan Se (Chaalbaaz) - 1989

I Love You Pyar Karoon Choon (Mahasangram) - 1990

Tip Tip Tip Tip Barish (Afsana Pyar Ka) - 1991

Megha Re Megha (Lamhe) - 1991

Dekha Teri Mast Nigahon (Khiladi) - 1992

Teri Isi Ada Pe Sanam (Deewana) - 1992

Obsession theme music (Darr) - 1993

Sun Sun Barsaat Ki Dhum (Sir) - 1993

Rhimjhim Rhimjhim (1942: A Love Story) - 1993

Jaanewale Zara Ruk Jaa (Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja) - 1993

Saajan Re Saajan (Dulaara) - 1994

Tip Tip Barsa Pani (Mohra) - 1994

Dekho Zara Dekho (Yeh Dillagi) - 1994

Mere Khwabon Mein (Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge) - 1995

Na Na Na Mere Jaan-e-Jaana (Bandish) - 1996

Chak Dum (Dil To Pagal Hai) - 1997

Chori Chori Jab Nazrein Mili (Kareeb) - 1998

Tujhe Yaad Na Meri Aaye (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai) - 1998

Aankhon Se Tune (Ghulam) - 1998

Jo Haal Dil Ka (Sarfarosh) - 1999

Boondon Se Baaten (Thakshak) - 1999

Sawan Barse (Dahek) - 1999

Taal Se Taal (Taal) - 1999

Ghanan Ghanan (Lagaan) - 2001

Ishq Kamina (Shakti: The Power) - 2002

Idhar Chala Mein Udhar Chala (Koi Mil Gaya) - 2003

Bhaage Re Mann (Chameli) - 2003

Daiyya Daiyya (Dil Ka Rishta) - 2003

Dheere Dheere (Kyun Ho Gaya Na) - 2004

Hum Tum (Hum Tum) - 2004

Laga Prem Rog (Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya) - 2005

Barsaat Ke Din (Barsaat) - 2005

Woh Lamhe (Zeher) - 2005
I actually like the remix better, but for the purposes of this video:

Baras Ja (Fareb) - 2005
Again, the remix with both Shetty sisters is better ...

Dekho Na (Fanaa) - 2006

Barso Re (Guru) - 2007

Gale Lag Jaa (De Dana Dan) - 2009

Zoobi Doobi (3 Idiots) - 2009
I don't actually love this song, but figured I should add it since so many others love it. It's cute and all, but it's just not one of my favorite songs. It is however, a recent example of a rain song!

Kodu Potta (Raavanan) - 2010
*I tried to do a Raavan song, but couldn't resist some VIKRAM, especially when he's in the rain, so I had to do a song from the tamil version*

**Also, just had to do a shout-out to my favorite Tamil rain song of all time, from the movie Karuthamma - 1994 (esp. the part where the guy belly-flops into the water at 1:39)** - I think tamil rain songs will have to be immortalized sometime soon too - :

Clearly there's many more that I've probably missed, but these are the ones that I can think of/remember from my own memory. Based on this I'll have to crown Rajesh Khanna and Sridevi the King and Queen of Rain Songs.

Thanks for letting me share them with you and please feel free to tell me about your favorites! I feel like I'm missing a huge chunk from the 80s and I know there were TONS!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Song of the Day: I must be MAD.

Unbelievably, I woke up this morning with this song in my head. I have no idea why. Perhaps because I was thinking about item numbers in relation to UPodcast, Totally Filmi, Beth Loves Bollywood and Filmi Girl's upcoming podcast? After all, Raveena Tandon is an "item girl" in this movie - the actual heroines are Shilpa Shetty and Raageshwari.

Main Khiladi Tu Anari was an Akshay Kumar starrer, with Saif Ali Khan in the secondary hero role. This song, MAD or My Adorable Darling, was picturized on Saif and Raveena, as Saif plays a film actor in this movie. I thought this song was super annoying so I have no idea why I woke up with it playing in my head, but there you have it.


- WHAT IS UP with the background guys' outfits? Sparkly, Glittery Silver belly & moob-baring tops? For the GUYS?
- The hair is SO 90s.
- Whenever people try to tell me Saif Ali Khan is hot, THIS is the guy that keeps popping up in my head. That HAIR.
- How quickly did Saif have to run around to jump out of each of the letters M-A-D at 0:41?
- Love the disco background.
- BTW I love Raveena. Even if she looks like Minnie Mouse at around 2:18.
- When the guys finally get to change, they become Black Panthers? With orange biker shorts?

Enjoy! My Adorable Darling, aka MAD from Main Khiladi Tu Anari (1994)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hazel is a Ho: Baton Baton Mein (1979)

There is an appeal about movies that aren't really about anything sometimes. Seinfeld has that appeal in television. Sometimes we like an easy, simple story that doesn't have or need melodrama, and especially when the story is from a different time - a time when things weren't so complicated by technology and the need for immediacy and instant gratification. When we were just happy to meet people and didn't automatically mistrust them or think they were psycho stalkers/serial killers/rapists. A time when one could actually consider falling for this guy:

Baton Baton Mein (1979) was made by Basu Chatterjee and starred Amol Palekar (with a fabulous french beard) and Tina Munim, with a shining supporting cast of talents like Ranjit Chowdhry and Pearl Padamsee (a real-life son and mother team!).

The movie isn't outstanding in any way - it is certainly low-budget and awkwardly shot at times, has a very sedate and often plastic performance by Tina Munim and no glamour whatsoever, but it is still one of the most charming and sweet movies I've ever seen, and definitely holds a spot on my list of favorite Hindi movies. It takes place in the Parsi community of Mumbai, which I was surprised by as a child. By the time I saw Baton Baton Mein I had seen quite a number of Hindi films, but never one in which everyone wore Western dresses and used English manners.

At its core, Baton Baton Mein is about relationships and dating - and in this movie instead of showing dating as being about running around trees and singing songs - it shows what it REALLY is like ... talking, getting to know one another, getting to know each other's families, misunderstandings, jealousies, and making up.

Nancy Pereira is our heroine, played by the gorgeous Tina Munim. She is obviously depressed as the movie opens, listening to emo music and replaying her recent breakup in her mind.

We find out later in the film that she had been dating a co-worker named Peter, and found out that he was a cheating jerk by running into him and his fiancee (WOOT, Prema Narayan) on a bus ride. Since then she has decided:

I think this is an inspired attitude by Nancy, but her film family doesn't agree. Despite the fact that she's a (mostly) independent working woman, they are hell-bent on getting her married as soon as possible. And they don't think they'll have all that hard of a time because she's a hottie. They just need her to get over this Peter business and get the wedding show on the road.

Her aunt who lives upstairs tries to console Nancy's mother that she definitely HOT.

Nancy lives with her mother (Pearl Padamsee) and younger brother Sabi (Ranjit Chowdhry in one of my favorites roles of his ever), while her mother's brother Uncle Tom (David) and his wife (who never seems to change out of her nightie) live in the upstairs flat of their two-family home (which I try not to call Uncle Tom's Cabin). Uncle Tom and Nancy commute to work together every day, taking the 9:10 public train. Nancy's mother, Rosy, is the star of this movie for me ... she is equally sweet, loving, innocent, enthusiastic, and child-like as well as pushy, overbearing, fretful, mollycoddling, and naive. She worries constantly over Nancy, wanting her to marry quickly and settle down, asking everyone she knows if there are any eligible boys they could introduce Nancy to. Simultaneously she ignores her son, waving off his hilarious comments and tuning out his constant violin playing or seeming lack of a "real" job (he plays violin at a nearby "hotel" - meaning disco/club) or girlfriends.

We then meet Tony Braganza, our hero. Tony is an only child and his mother is an even MORE overbearing, pushy, evil overlord who I renamed "Sarge". She treats Tony like a child and makes all of his decisions for him.

Is that a euphemism Tony?

Tony usually takes the early train to work, but has to take a later one that day because Sarge insists that he eat his breakfast and go with her to the tailor to have a safari suit made. I love that he wears safari suits!!! On the train, he notices the beautiful Nancy, sitting with Uncle Tom. A budding cartoonist, Tony starts making sketches of Nancy. She notices this and is (rightfully) creeped out. She tells Uncle Tom, who is all pleased about the situation and tells her, "Looks like a nice guy! Must be around your age!" - Uncle Tom deeply approves of random men on the train drawing pictures of his niece. Nancy tries to tell Uncle Tom that she's totally not interested in creepy drawing guy or any man, and finally tells him the story of her heartbreak with Peter. Uncle Tom TOTALLY blows off her pain and minimizes her experience, saying it's no big deal and that for young girls:

Nice Uncle Tom, real nice.

Tony, being super creepy, makes arrangements at work to take the 9:10 train and come to work a little later so that he can continue to stare at and draw pictures of Nancy. Finally after getting a few approving smiles and nods from Uncle Tom, he exchanges notes with him to find out more about Nancy. Uncle Tom suggests that they stop and grab a quick drink together (on the way to work?), and pulls Nancy along with him. At this first quasi-date, he shows them his labor of love - an artistic representation of Nancy that showcases her beautiful soul and the pain she has suffered:

Somehow Nancy is not totally turned off by this, and asks him if this is really what she looks like? Tony starts to explain about ART, because he's so deep, but they're getting late for work. Uncle Tom decides to invite Tony to Nancy's house that evening to tell them more about "ART" and Tony happily agrees. Nancy is bafflingly okay with all of this. After work she goes home and Uncle Tom tells Rosy that a boy is coming in the evening. Nancy is snippy and short with her mother, as she has been since the beginning of the movie, but this time she upsets her mother by telling her not to "blabber on and on" to their guest. Rosy goes into a classic Jewish mother guilt trip routine, which she does beautifully and I can't help but say AWWW as I watch her do it.

Eventually she tells her mother that she didn't mean to upset her, and that Tony Braganza is practically a stranger, and she doesn't know anything about him really, but Uncle Tom has invited him so they just need to treat him as a guest and send him on his way.  This satisfies her mother for the moment.

Meanwhile Tony is on his way and having fabulous daydreams about Nancy greeting him in a white wedding dress. He pauses to admire himself along the way:

As if she could resist that beard!

Finally Tony arrives and they have an EXTREMELY awkward date with her mother asking pointed questions about his job and even asking his salary. Then Uncle Tom stops by and Tony starts to tell them about "art" and how he decided to go into cartoon artistry. Somehow in this scene he is charming enough to entice Nancy, who suddenly wants to spend some time alone with him. It's either his "knowledge of art" or the fact that her mother is totally disturbed by his interest in cartoons.

Apparently it works for Nancy, Rosy. She digs it.

So Uncle Tom assists Nancy by suggesting that they go for a walk alone, which leads to this lovely song and montage of them spending time together - this is what I love about this movie ... it actually shows the couple talking, spending time together, and getting to know one another!

So Nancy and Tony begin seeing each other regularly, and everyone is pleased except for Nancy's neighbor Henry, who harbors a not-so-secret crush on Nancy. But he's no threat to them, because he is too nervous to even speak to Nancy besides saying hello. Family and friends begin telling Rosy that they need to marry them immediately, but Rosy tells them that they are just spending time together for the moment.

The couple is cautious you see. Nancy is still hesitant to fall in love because of what happened with Peter, and Tony is afraid to tell Sarge about his relationship with Nancy. She never allows him to make any decisions, and he's sure that she'll never allow it:

Miraculously, Nancy is ok with this. They continue having fabulous dates, like this one:

I have so much to say about this video, I don't know where to begin. So I'll just say this ... where is Tony's neck?? It appears to be missing.

And this casual hang-out time at home with her family (my favorite song from this movie!):

As time goes on the couple has more ups and downs. The amazing character of Hazel Pinto (Shobini Singh) arrives to bring a little fire into their relationship -- she shows up at one of their dates wearing a SHOCKING skirt that reveals her knees, which throws everyone into a tizzy!

Word, Tony. But the skirt isn't all. Hazel, who is supposed to be one of Nancy's childhood friends, proceeds to drape herself all over Tony and feed him grapes! After Nancy's mother speaks up and tells her that her behavior is inappropriate, she continues to eat the grapes seductively from across the room and give Tony the "sexy eye" ... Hazel is a little minx. And a crappy friend.

I still get FURIOUS for Nancy when I see this scene. It's bad enough that her so-called friend is totally throwing herself all over her boyfriend, but the dude just sits there and laps it up, and then has the nerve to invite Hazel along on their date that evening!!! Thankfully (and surprisingly) Nancy tells Tony to GTFO and not bother calling her anymore. GO NANCY!

Afterwards Tony tries to get back into her good graces by enlisting Uncle Tom:

Perhaps Tony's beard or massive collars has mystical powers, because he manages to get her to forgive him for his open appreciation of Hazel's knees and grapes. But more troubles are in store for Nancy and Tony ...

For Tony made that crucial mistake -- not telling his parents, or more importantly, Sarge, that he is seriously and exclusively dating a girl. Eventually it was going to bite him in the a$$, and it all comes to heads when their mothers end up seated next to each other at the movies.

Sarge is awesome at the evil one eyebrow lift. She is PO'd that Tony was even friends with, much less seeing a girl whose mother is so "pushy and obnoxious" (has she met herself?). She rants and raves about them to Tony and his father, and insists that Tony never speaks to Nancy again, because she thinks they are planning to ensnare her son for marriage.

I am still amazed by how our lead couple puts up with so much ... Tony with Sarge treating him like a child and openly calling him an idiot, and Nancy with her family constantly meddling in her personal life and pushing her into dating before she's ready.

Nancy (again, showing that she's an awesome independent and smart chica) decides that she's not speaking to Tony because he allowed his mother to treat her mother rudely. She refuses to chase after him at ANY point of the movie, and keeps her head high throughout, never breaking down or compromising her dignity. She's one of the best heroines in Hindi movies!

Rosy is devastated by Nancy and Tony's breakup, and immediately allows her aunt to try and fix up Nancy with another boy.

Tony angsts about his dilemma ... should he pursue his relationship with Nancy and ignore Sarge? Or should he be angry that Rosy puts so much pressure on him to marry Nancy?

Click on the pic above to view the song "Kahan Tak Yeh Man Ko" in which Tony angsts about in his pajamas

Tony can't bring himself to be ready for marriage, it's too much pressure for him, no matter how he feels about Nancy:

And Nancy is being pressured into marriage to some dude named Francis (cameo by Asrani!) by an elder aunt. She knows that Tony feels pressured by her mother, but insists that it's her MOTHER, and whatever she does, she has Nancy's best interests at heart. She doesn't want him to feel pressured to marry her, and therefore thinks that the best idea is for them to not speak ever again.
So what does the couple decide? Will Tony ever escape Sarge's tyranny? Will Nancy be able to handle another guy screwing her over, or will she turn into a total shrew? And will Hazel the Ho find true love?

Nancy and Tony's decision forms the climax of the film, and it's definitely worth seeing how it turns out for them. The movie has a lovely, natural vibe to it and the funky 70s clothing is just the cherry on top. However there's a lot of latent sexism in it that you might find disturbing, but I suppose it's part and parcel of the era this film was made in:

But still, this film remains one of my favorites, with fresh, fun characters that are memorable. Most notably, and despite all the surrounding craziness of parental/familial pressure, it shows what seems to be one of the most normal, healthy romances I've ever seen in a Hindi film, which in itself makes it a film worth remembering and re-watching.

Amol Palekar has done some amazing work as an actor, and I'm not sure where this falls in terms of his career arc, but Tony Braganza is one of my favorite characters of his. I never really remembered Tina Munim to be a particularly bad actress, I always thought she was decent, but in this she is truly stiff and awkward! I think this was only her second movie though, so I'll attribute it to that. Again the supporting cast is particularly great in this movie, especially Pearl Padamsee. The banter between her, Tina and Ranjit Chowdhry is really fun to watch.

As always, constructive criticism, comments, questions, etc. are welcome! Would love to hear your thoughts on Amol Palekar, Tina Munim, this film, etc.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bollystalgia Podcast! Episode 1 - Aamir Khan Songs

So I'm attempting to do this podcast thing which I've been wanting to do for a LONG LONG LONG time - I'm still trying to figure out the technical stuff and how to load it on iTunes and all that, but meanwhile here's the audio ... obviously it's very amateur and I didn't have much time to edit the sound levels - most of my voice recording was in the middle of the night so I was trying to talk quietly and not wake the Hubz and Kid. But I hope that some of you get a chance to listen to some of the fabulous songs included in here - they are some of my absolute favorites.

So here's my Bollystalgia Podcast Episode 1
This is a companion to my original post of Aamir Khan songs, which you can view here. To come - SRK songs, Movie reviews, and DVD commentary/watchalong tracks!

Download this episode (right click and save)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Song of the Day: The Love Is ... Mix

Today's Song of the Day is technically from the 1975 hit movie Julie which starred Lakshmi (now seen in mother roles, most notably the freaky mom-in-law from the tamil movie Rhythm and the crazy grandma from Jeans) in a storyline that reminds me a lot of a V.C. Andrews book - but the version I currently have stuck in my head is the popular remix produced by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (posing as Instant Karma) from the 1996 album Dance Masti ...

This song makes me want to fall in love all over again, and slow dance all night in the arms of my hero (who hopefully will NOT look like the hero from Julie ... I mean, check out this loser, would YOU let HIM knock you up???).

Instant Karma - www.123musiq.c - Dil Kya Kare (The Love Is... M .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

For anyone that's curious about the movie Julie and wants to know more, I definitely recommend you visit this post about it at Minai's Cinema Nritya Gharana - a fascinating blog! There are some wonderful screencaps from the film, including a few of a teeny Sridevi!

That reminds me - are you watching your Sridevi movies in prep for SRIDEVIPALOOZA???

Friday, July 9, 2010

Shameful Classics Week: The "Bad Guy's Lair" songs

I admitted this to a friend recently, and I still laugh at myself about it. I have a little bit of a "thing" for the "Bad Guy's Lair Numbers" in Hindi movies. It's very random, I know, and extremely shameful. I mean WHO fantasizes about being kidnapped by the bad guys and forced to do a song and dance number in their cave/palace/mansion? Uhhh, that would be me.

If you aren't too familiar with the "Bad Guy's Lair" in Hindi films, may I suggest a look at my Bollyblogging Guru & Inspiration Beth Loves Bollywood's post about "Villain's Lairs" and the best ones according to her? Some of these are really fab.

The whole point of the "Bad Guy's Lair Number" is to distract the villain with the heroine's sparkly sultriness so the hero can go rescue people/find the diamonds/sneak into the lair to fight the bad guy/etc. Or she can be there to sneak into the lair herself and rescue someone. Sometimes it's the heroine alone, and sometimes it's along with the hero who has disguised himself as a performer to sneak into the lair.

I have realized over the years that I have a sort of penchant for these numbers and have always secretly dreamed of being tasked with this responsibility (never mind the fact that the villain would probably laugh in my face). But in the spirit of disclosing Shameful Bollywood secret pleasures this week, I have decided to list my favorite "Bad Guy's Lair Numbers" for you:

1. Yamma Yamma - Shaan
The movie features my favorite bad guy lair ever - Shakaal's boardroom-of-DOOM was amazing. And this song is my favorite bad guy's lair fantasy song EVER. I totally wanted to be a part of this dangerous dance team. I think this is the most awkward dance Parveen Babi ever did. And I kinda loved Bindiya Goswami, what happened to her? Love how Shakaal is sitting in the golden throne of awesome. Can someone confirm for me whether or not the Chick in Red is Helen?

2.  Ghazar Ne Kiya Hai Ishara - Tridev
Apparently the gaudier your outfit, the more entranced the villains are by your seductiveness. Do you think Amrish Puri just happened to have these outfits in their sizes hanging around in his lair? Let's play which chick would you want to be? I vote for Sonam, I love the all white/silver outfit. I remember around the time this movie released, there was a gossip item that said Madhuri threw a fit during shooting this number because Sonam's aunt sewed extra sparkly stuff onto her outfit. They solved it when Sonam's aunt sewed extra sparkly stuff on Mads outfit too. Apparently Sangeeta Bijlani stayed out of it. Mads, Mads, Mads - DIVA much? Oh and in other scary thoughts, Sonam was 15 when they started shooting this, and she was paired with Naseerudin Shah. Gahhh. But check out the LAIR. It's got waterfalls, bamboo bridges, the GIANT golden sun clock, cave walls with a built in bar, exposed wooden beams and handy jail cells! Note: I totally love Amrish Puri's looks of amusement while the girls dance around him. He doesn't seem lecherous at all, he seems like a kindly old Uncle. Are they roasting kebabs at the end? How cool!


3. Toofan - Vishwatma
Apparently mullets are a prereq to being a villain in this lair. Amrish has also acquired African Zulu henchmen by this film. They also installed a pool. Sweet! And Sonam ditched Mads & Sangeeta for Divya Bharati and Jyotsna Singh (yeah, I know. WHO?). I like how prisoner Naseerudin gets to join in the party.

4. Reshmi Ujala Hai - Sharmilee
You gotta love a villain's lair that has an attached cabaret club. It can also double as a gym to practice your Olympic gymnastics - those rings can be very useful! This one is a cornucopia of sins - money, booze, women! And wow! Rakhee looks HOT. Both of her.

 5. Khatooba - Ali Baba aur 40 Chor
Man I was terrified for the gorgeous Zeenat in this song, but she handles all these crazy dudes so well. And can a magical cave Bad Guy's Lair be ANY COOLER? It's got a light up disco floor!!! She's got a lot at stake too with her father trapped in a pit. Oh and the part where the ghost/genie appears used to freak me out as a kid. I have a remix of this song on my iPod and it's amazing when you're on the treadmill. The end where she gets slapped? Sooo not cool. Please don't think I have a chicks getting slapped fetish, because I don't.

6. Nayak Nahin Khal Nayak Hoon Mein - Khal Nayak
OMG this song. Madhuri was out of this world in this movie - I totally loved her even though she was slightly cracked. She totally infiltrated Sanju Baba's gang. Now this song isn't quite representative of trying to distract the bad guy with your song & dance, but it's still quite a grand display of the Lair! Check out Khal Nayak's mansion! Ramya Krishnan seems pretty happy to be there celebrating with him. I think she got her outfits from Amrish Puri's stash of gaudy girl outfits. Sanju is looking pimptastic! And hey! Those are the same background dancer girls from Ole Ole (Yeh Dillagi) and Loye Loye (Yaarana)!

7. Aankhon Ke Aage Peeche - Rajkumar
This movie was redonkulus. Just look at evil Naseerudin's devil outfit! And he is super creepy in this. So is Madhuri w/ those Rani Mukherjee contacts. I have decided I don't like Angry-Trying-to-be-Sexy!Madhuri at all. Look at Anil Kapoor's expression at 3:03. That's how I was watching this whole song. WTH is going on??? I DID see this movie and all I remember was that she was supposed to be some Princess Vishaka of some mythical kingdom and that there were two Naseerudins. I agree with PPCC's post on this movie - it was a travesty! I do however love the idea that once the bad guys have captured the good guys, instead of immediately killing them, they prefer to chain the guy and force the girl to dance sexily (DANCE MONKEY DANCE!).

8. Jaane Woh Kaisa Chor - Yaarana
It has become clear that Madhuri is the Queen of the Bad Guy's Lair Dances. Congratulations Madhuri! Your prize is to have your husband and children chained to the wall and made to watch while you dance and sing in your sparkly outfit of choice. Enjoy your reign!

But here's more angry Madhuri choosing to express her indignance through song and dance. Oh and a really freaky Raj Babbar - I would be too terrified to entice this guy! Hey did he borrow Khal Nayak's mansion? And it's nice that he invited guests for her display. Love when she nails him with the drink at the end. And OMG another slap!!! What is wrong with me? I cannot like this stuff. This movie was so freakin' weird too. I should recap it for as a Shameful Classic if there's time.

9. Dushman Dil Ka Jo Hai - Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja
How can I NOT love a set with a giant golden Sphinx? Pretty rockin' party there Anupam Kher. And MAN, Sridevi is totally queen of the Angry Dance. Way to stay undercover there, Sri.

10. Aayi Woh Raat - Parvarish
So unfortunately this song doesn't feature the AMAZING Villain's Lair in Parvarish, but instead brings the distraction/revenge song to a performance venue. But what a fabulous technicolor set! You CAN see part of the lair starting at about 3:08 in this video clip. And OMG there's a submarine too!

11. Mujhe Maar Daalo - Geeta Mera Naam
This video is super crazy. First of all, Sadhana is rocking her outfit there. And being whipped by the bad guys always makes me burst into song. Then we have Helen hanging out in the cotton candy pink bubble bath lounge wearing the Miss Universe crown (and very little else) and generally being awesome. Shoot, everyone is going to think I have a violent love fetish. But don't tell me you don't kind of want to hang out in this place! If I had it to myself, I'd bring in roller skates and put on the Xanadu soundtrack.

12. Jai Maa Kaali - Karan Arjun
Ahhh. Amrish Puri revisits his Kali Maa cave from Indiana Jones! I love love love this song and totally want to be out there dancing with these guys (omg I LOVE Sallu in this). This cool cave comes complete with waterfalls, skylights, high ceilings, and four people that want to kill you. Oh, and a creepy mad old Rakhee seeking revenge for her dead sons that have been reborn and look exactly the same. OMG I love this movie!!! I want to see it again.

13. Dekho Arre Dilbar - Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Aaye
This is by far the BEST villain's lair I have ever seen. It's so sparkly!!! Crystal/mirrored/tinsel walls, rose petal beds, a wall cut-out bar (1:53). I have not seen this movie but after watching this video I am putting it on my list. I totally didn't even recognize Rekha!

14. Mehmaanon Ko Salaam Hai Mera - Meri Aawaaz Suno 
I think there was a room that looked like this at my college (somewhere in the Michigan Union, Univ of Michigan Ann Arbor - GO BLUE!). Sadly, there was no Jumping Jack Flash Jeetendra in silver lame (his son was wandering around there somewhere though). So this time the guy is more of the entertainment, but the fun here was that both he and Parveen were undercover cops in this lair.

15. Kaise Mukhde Se - English Babu Desi Mem
Sonali Bendre looks gorgeous but man, she can't dance. But this movie was heartbreaking. They can always get me by using a kid. Oh look! It's the same background dancer girls from Nayak Nahin, Ole Ole, etc. I can't remember exactly how she ends up the "property" of creepy guy in the chair, but seriously, if he "owned" her, the first thing he would do would be to make her dance a qawaali? Really like the stained glass mirror work on the bar, very classy. Nice colors of peach and white. If I remember correctly, this entire song took place on a yacht. Awesome choice there Kiran Kumar.

I think I could go on forever and my brain is starting to hurt, so I'm going to stop myself. But I WOULD like to hear from y'all about the ones I've missed, I'm sure there are PLENTY of them out there. Let me know what I'm missing from this shameful list!

PSA: Sridevi Week i.e. Sridevipalooza coming up Aug 13-20

Since I was a teeny-tiny bholi-bhali baby, my favorite actress has been the inimitable Sridevi. I totally wanted to BE her, even going so far as wearing white all the time when I was 14 because I thought I was Chandni. One of the most exciting days of my childhood was when Rekha came in concert to Detroit and some photographer took my sister and I (then ages 7 and 5) up to her suite after the performance. When her staff saw us at the door they called out "Rekha-ji, dekhiye kaun aaya" and she peeked out, took one look at us, YELPED IN JOY and pulled us into the room. She dragged me to one of the aunties in the room and said "Who does she look like?" and they all replied "Sridevi!" and OMG SHE TOTALLY MADE MY LIFE! (Note: I might have been cute and looked a bit like Sri as a child, but woefully, did not retain those looks past the age of 8. Boo.)

No, not so much? Ok, but a kid can dream, right?

Someone needed to sing this to me:

So anyway, in honor of Sribaby's birthday coming up on August 13th, I thought it was time to rally up the troops and organize a theme Bollyblogging week! So here we go folks, time to blog, vlog or podcast about the most beautiful woman in Hindi Cinema, Aishwariya be damned. SRIDEVI WEEK, lovingly known as SRIDEVIPALOOZA, will be held August 13-20, 2010.

I know I'm late in joining this game and a lot of you have already done some fabulous posts about Sri's movies, so to you I say ... it's never too late to celebrate Sri! I'll be happy to link up to back-posts about Sridevi's movies, songs, dances, appearances, interviews, etc.


So pull out those DVDs and start thinking of your favorites, and let's post our thoughts about the beautiful, talented, super-amazing SRIDEVI. I'll collect all the links and organize them, so once you've written up a post/posted an audio podcast/video blogged, please send me the link!

Looking forward to having lots of participants, since I know how much we love this woman. Please do pass the info along to your Bollyblogging friends. The more the merrier!