Sunday, September 19, 2010

Neetu Singh-Along: 10 Forgotten Neetu Singh Songs (heh heh, I said sing-song)

 Though my actual favorite Neetu Singh songs are from Parvarish and Chorni (my two favorite Neetu movies BESIDES Do Kaliyan), and then of course the popular Khel Khel Mein and Kabhi Kabhie, there are some total gems that I had completely forgotten about that some YouTube scavenging unearthed.

Sadly missing is the title song from Jhoota Kahin Ka, which I couldn't find a video of on YouTube, but some of these are really gorgeous and more rare/unknown/forgotten songs in which Neetu is just amazing. Check 'em out!

10 Great Unknown or Forgotten Neetu Singh songs

Mein Haseen Hoon - Rikshawala (1972)

Hai Re More Jaani Chunar - Shatranj Ke Mohre (1974)

Kal Raat Usne Sapne Mein - Hawas (1974)

Dil Cheena Chen Churaya - Dhongee (1976)

Hum Banjaron Ki Baat - DharamVeer (1977)

Na Na Na Jaane Na Doongi - Priyatamma (1977)

Abhi Zarasi Dher Mein - Mahabadmash (1977)

Tere Haathon Mein - Jaani Dushman (1979)

Pehle Pehle Pyar - The Great Gambler (1979)

Mere Dooron Se Aayi Baraat - Kaala Patthar (1979)

Want more Neetu? Well you're in luck. I created a MASSIVE Neetu Singh Playlist on YouTube. ENJOY!!!

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Have a great one!


  1. These are all so wonderful.
    Can we pause and just consider how cute and beautiful and precious she is?

    I'm so checking out your playlist, AND adding all of these to my own!

  2. Ooooh so many things to watch! Love that you got those four from Parvarish - that's my favorite of her films and each of her songs is a total delight. If I had to pick just one, I think it might have to be the socialist pickpocketing song, but yikes, hard call.