Sunday, December 19, 2010

Song of the Day: Maaahiyaaaaaaaaaaa (Ghayal - 1990)

Today's Song of the Day is one my favorite romantic songs from the 90s - from the Rajkumar Santoshi hit film Ghayal (1990), which was produced by Dharmendra and starred Sunny Deol and Meenakshi Seshadhri. The film won a bunch of Filmfare Awards, including Best Director and Best Story Writer for Rajkumar Santoshi, Best Film for Dharmendra, and Best Actor for Sunny Deol. (source: Wikipedia)

I don't remember much of the soundtrack besides Sochna Kya which lifts its tune from the Lambada song, and Mahiya Teri Kasam, sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Pankaj Udhas.

This particular song was picturized on Sunny and Meenakshi and featured beautiful shots of misty landscapes, lots of walking and running between trees in the forest, and gratuitous close-ups of Meenakshi's gorgeousness. When I was younger I wasn't very fond of Sunny Deol ... I never liked his style, his looks or his stoic acting. Now as an adult, I have a new appreciation for him! His acting I've definitely developed a liking for - particularly in this film and in Damini (another great Rajkumar Santoshi-Meenakshi Sesadhri film). Looks matter much less for me as an adult -- I am more charmed by his shy demeanor. And in watching this song again as an adult, I find myself really moved by his romantic gazing into her eyes -- he's really quite good at looking like he's deeply in love with the object of his affection. It kind of made me fall for him a little bit!

This song is one of those intense love songs -- one that has that feeling of epic romance. I absolutely love it, and hope you will too!


  1. I never thought a bigger filmy buff existing in this world, till I accidently hit your twitter page :)

    Kudos lady A, super impressed

  2. Lovely song! I did a series on Dharam's acting kids a while back, and got lots of 'Ghayal' and 'Damini' recommendations. Haven't seen them yet, but hopefully soon. I've always had a bit of soft spot for Sunny - he's no hottie, but as you said, he has a really endearing, shy sweetness and earnestness about him, both onscreen and offscreen. There's an almost innocent genuineness about him which I really like. As you said, as we grow older, we start to place less emphasis on sex appeal and more on sincerity.

  3. Thank you guys!

    DG - I do definitely recommend Ghayal & Damini, both are excellent.

  4. I think I got Ghayal for free with something - I can't wait to dig it out and watch it now. I agree with you wholeheartedly about Sunny too - took me a while to warm to him, but I think he's so adorable now.

  5. I saw Sunny Deol in Betaab at age 13 in a single screen theatre with my parents(!) and fell head over heels... am still tripping on him, despite the terrible lot of films and directors he's saddled himself with... box office clout and all is fine, but the guy just does it for me, he's all male but sensitive, love his smile, his sense of irony in well directed/ well written movies is superb and i just wish someone would make a great movie with him... sigh... but what fun to read your posts... good stuff.