Saturday, May 14, 2011

Madhuri Mania: My favorite Madhuri Dixit songs ...

May 15 is the janam din of the one and only lovely dancing queen Madhuri Dixit, and Gaja Gamini of Bollywood-ish Blog has organized a full week of celebrating! Of course, I couldn't get myself together this week, plus there was that issue with Blogger as well. So I'm late in getting my shizz together to do a fitting tribute for Madhuri, the Queen of the 90s.

What I DID have time to do was throw together a YouTube playlist of my favorite Madhuri songs ... not necessarily her most popular ones (note: "Choli Ke Peeche" is not on the list), but just my personal favorites. I loved developing this list because there's so many songs and movies I had forgotten about! I want to really thank Gaja Gamini for creating Madhuri Week so I had the opportunity to revisit so many of my old favorites.

So without further adieu, enjoy the graceful stylings, the stunning smile and the myriad expressions of the lovely Madhuri!

My Madhuri Mania List

1. Mujhe Neendh Na Aaye - Dil
This goes down on my list of classic love songs, ones that will never leave the public imagination. I would put it on a list of romantic songs along with Sau Saal Pehle, Jo Vaada Kiya, Kora Kagaz Tha, Kabhi Kabhie, Dekha Ek Khwab, etc. Madhuri is SO young here (not to mention the prepubescent looking Aamir), and the hair/clothes are so quintessentially 90s.

2. Aap Ko Dekh Ke - Kishen Kanhaiya
I think this is one of my absolute favorite Madhuri songs. If I had to pick only one, this might be it. It's so upbeat and dancey! I can't believe people have forgotten this song ... I totally love it. And Anil-Madhuri is definitely one of my favorite jodis.

3. Sun Beliya - 100 Days
SPB's voice is so powerful!!! And Madhuri is super-duper gorgeous, innocent, free and perfectly lovely. I love her steps in this ... and this song is also one of those forgotten ones from the early 90s that I adored. It sucks for Jackie Shroff that he only got to wear 1 shirt (which is horribly inappropriate for the beach) while Madhuri dons 3 outfits (I love the one in the bullock cart scene). Also props to Mads for being fearless and rolling about on the beach while wild horses stomp past.

4. Tu Shayar Hai - Saajan
Classic. Also Saajan was the 2nd hindi movie I saw at the theatre. Lots of memories. I love her 2nd outfit (the blue one). Her 1st outfit is questionable though. And the poor sideys ... their outfits (mostly frocks) are totally fugly.

5. Koyal Si Teri Boli - Beta
Gorgeous, sweet song. Love it and love this movie! And this video is chock full of joyous Madhuri dancing around.

6. I Love You Pyar Karoon Choon - Mahasangraam
Also in my top 3 favorite Madhuri songs with "Aap Ko Dekh Ke". One of the best rain songs ever! And her steps are so fabulous. I'm also crazy about the original Marathi song, Dholkara.

7. Ek Do Teen - Tezaab
 Mohini Mohini Mohini Mohini Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo!!!!!!!!! She is so animated and fabulous. And I have to give credit for the many people that learned to count in Hindi thanks to this song, the corporation for public broadcasting, and viewers like you.

8. Mein Teri Mohabbat Mein - Tridev
Lucky Madhuri got to have this dream date song w/ Sunny Deol! Such a beautiful, haunting song.

9. Deewana Mujhsa Nahin - Deewana Mujhsa Nahin
I found this movie totally disturbing because we were supposed to sympathize with and root for the TOTAL STALKER! Although I guess when your stalkers looks 5 years old, you can't be too much of a hater. Love Aamir's energy in this. It's like part two of "Khambe Jaise Khadi Hai" from Dil.

10. Humko Aaj Kal Hai - Sailaab
Needs no explanation. She's perfection in it!

11. Tamma Tamma Loge - Thanedaar
I can't watch this song without cracking up. It's a total mulletfest first of all, and then they've appropriated the steps from Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation. But this was the JAM back then. 

12. Tum Bansi Bajate Ho - Khilaaf
Terrible movie, but had some lovely songs. I love any opportunity to show off her dancing ability! And WOOT! An Apsara costume!

13. Dil To Dil Hai - Zindagi Ek Juaa
My favorite performance of Madhuri's acting-wise. Her portrayal of the descent into drug addiction was fantastic. And I think this song is perfect - sexy and romantic.
14. Na Hai Zameen Na Aasmaan - Khel
This movie was HILARIOUS. And this song is one I often get stuck in my head, even though I know it's totally lifted from "Sending All My Love" by Linear (it was also copied in "Neendh Churaye Meri" from Ishq). I love the cheesy sets and the way the beats completely change in the verses, allowing Anil Kapoor to do his typical steps.

15. Jo Geet Nahin Janma - Sangeet
This was a really sweet movie, and gave ample opportunity for Madhuri to showcase her Kathak training. The soundtrack was truly gorgeous, with lots of classically-based music.

16. Kaise Jiyunga Mein - Sahibaan
I was obsessed with this song when I was 14. I thought it was ultimately romantic! Unfortunately the movie was so bad that we laughed through the whole thing. But Madhuri was gorgeous in her village belle outfits.

17. Palki Pe Hoke Sawar - Khal Nayak
Another favorite role - Madhuri's Ganga was feisty, bold and fun! I loved the way she held her own with the whole gang of baddies in this movie.

18. Dil Tera Aashiq - Dil Tera Aashiq
Another hilarious song and movie. Her expressions are SO FUNNY in this. Also love how Sallu is wearing pants he borrowed from Claudia from the Baby Sitters Club. But they are BOTH soooo cute in this. And they look like they were having a blast!

19. Channe Ke Khet - Anjaam
Another classic Madhuri song.  Whenever I think of signature moves from Bolly songs, most of them are from Madhuri songs. Remember when EVERY girl was doing this dance with the 'Channe Ke Khet' step? But no one could ever do it like Madhuri.

20. Maye Ni Maye - Hum Aapke Hai Koun
She. is. stunning. I love her mango coloured outfit. But can someone please explain what Salman is wearing?

21. Ankhiyan Milaon - Raja
Ok, admittedly I don't love this song, but it is definitely a Madhuri classic. And you can't help but smile watching Madhuri do her thang.

22. Dil Loye Loye - Yaarana
I don't know why but I LOVE this song. I know it's a copy and the original Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan song is much, much better, but I love Madhuri's expressions!! And god, could they have dressed up those sidey girls any worse? What the heck.

23. Baajubandh - Prem Granth
Such a gorgeous, gorgeous song! Madhuri is flawless, and I got a big huge grin on my face when Rishi Kapoor started dancing. Tragic, tragic movie though.

24. Badan Juda Hote Hai - Koyla
I find this song really eerie and addictive (even though I know that Koyla theme music is totally copied from Vangelis' "Conquest of Paradise") ... but yay! Madhuri dancing!

25. Aaja Aaja O Aaja Aanewale - Rajkumar
I actually hate the preceding song "O Mere Rajkumar" ... but the subsequent qawaali featuring the Sabri Brothers is excellent and Madhuri gets to do a great angry dance! The qawaali starts at about 2:25.

26. Arre Re Arre - Dil To Pagal Hai
This was always my favorite song from this movie ...

27. Don't Break My Heart - Mohabbat
Honestly, I mostly love to make fun of this song for being so totally silly. And I love Madhuri to death, but she looks hilarious in this one. Clearly this is not her style.

28. Que Sera Sera - Pukar
So the story is that Madhuri was really nervous about working with Prabhu Deva, who is an amazing dancer and choreographer. And apparently she knocked his socks off in the creation of this number. Excellent choreography by Prabhz and lovely execution by Madhuri.

29. Badi Mushkil - Lajja
Even dressed so simply, Madhuri just shines! And poor Manisha Koirala ... she's a horrible dancer, and then they made her try to dance next to Madhuri?? 

30. Kahe Chhed Mohe - Devdas
Amazingness. Choreographed by the great Pandit Birju Maharaj Ji - the BEST use of Madhuri's skills in her entire career. And love the little insertion of her doing the spoken word part herself!

31. Aaja Nachle - Aaja Nachle
This song is pure celebration - of MADHURI!!! There will never be another Madhuri in Bollywood. Happy Birthday Madhuri!!! Wishing you all the best!


  1. Wow, what a great list. I've still only seen a few Madhuri films, so it's fun going through these songs. I really loved Baajubandh, and the Rishi awkward dancing was offset by Shammi!!

    And watching Que Sera reminded me of my crazy idea that Madhuri should make a special appearance in a Telugu or Tamil movie, dancing opposite Allu Arjun or Jr NTR.

  2. I love 29. Badi Mushkil from Lajja, the "ahh haaa" part is playing in my head now. :)
    All the best!

  3. I created this playlist of the best songs of Madhuri Dixit -

    There are more playlists and videos of songs of bollywood movies. I hope you will like it.

  4. hey! Just loved the list, relived a lot of my favorites :)

    Wanted to answer your question though, in Maye Ni Maye, Salman is wearing a traditional Marwari style Kurta, I am a south Indian, but have a lot of Marwari friends.


  5. I love madhuri dixit, I had seen all her movies. I love her very much I want to meet her. Hum aapke hai kaun is my favorite movie. I had seen this movie more than 100 times. I am from bangladesh.

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