Monday, February 21, 2011

Coming Soon: DEOL DHAMAKA!!!!

The Bolly Blogosphere is gearing up for our next fun project ... DEOL DHAMAKA! For the entire month of March, we're going to be celebrating our favorite Jats ...

The devastatingly handsome Gharam Dharam himself ...

The shy and sweet but awesomely badass action hero Sunny ...

The sensitive, floppy-haired hero Bobby ...

The lovely but sadly failed heroine Esha ...

and the enigmatic, debonair cousin Abhay ...

So BollyBloggers, Podcasters, and friends, if you'd like to share your love for one of the Deols, or simply have a favorite song, scene, film or memory - we'd love for you to participate! I'll be collecting links on my Delicious account, so if you have a tribute please do send me the link via email, on twitter, or on here.

Some of the fabulous participants:

and more!

We'd love to have you join in the fun and explore the deeper meanings behind Dharam's smoulder, Sunny's all-powerful STOMP, Bobby's hair toss, Abhay's dimpled grin, and Esha's ... uh ... well I'm sure there's SOMETHING.

So please do stop by in March to experience DEOL DHAMAKA!


  1. WOOOOOOT so so so so so so excited, I am about to enter full Deol coma.

  2. If I was gay, I wud eat up Abhay. There I said it. :-D

    love the idea. Hoping to find time to post, I'm in.

  3. whyyyyyy can't I vote in your poll? I WANT TO VOTE FOR MY FAVOURITE DEOL (like it's a secret, lol) BOOOOOOOBY! BOBBY I TRIED TO VOTE BUT THE COMPUTER WAS AGAINST YOU!

  4. I'm going to dutifully indoctrinate all Masala Pradesh citizens to the church of Booby Deol!

  5. Hee -- my iPhone keeps trying to autocorrect Bobby to Bibby, I find that highly amusing.

    I am so looking forward to March....

  6. Sounds great! im going to have to think up something too!

  7. I've decided to join the fun

  8. I'm also joining in! :DD

  9. SO GEEKED! I had thought my entries would be all Dharmendra and Abhay, but I see that Hulu has an absolutely craptacular looking Sunny film, so in it goes :)

  10. Abhinetri review is all done :)

  11. After some struggling with myself, I decided to participate as well. First post coming up :)

  12. Two more posts done!

    Hopefully I'll branch out a little and my next one will be a Dharmendra post.