Thursday, March 3, 2011

Deol Dhamaka: A date with Sunny Deol ...

As Katherine from Totally Filmi so beautifully put it  ... a crush on Sunny Deol seems to be an interesting side effect of participation in Deol Dhamaka ...

(What is Deol Dhamaka, you ask? Why, let our friend Ness tell you about it!)

Growing up I completely didn't understand the appeal of Sunny Deol. I didn't appreciate the brawny, raw masculinity and power of dishoom that he possessed. Nor did I understand how he could simultaneously be painfully shy and sweet AND the angry young man that could STOMP all the bad guys.

Along the way I saw a little 90s flick called Damini, in which Sunny plays a drunken has-been lawyer ... and suddenly I started to see it. But still, I thought him to be an average Joe -- nothing I would seek out or be personally charmed by. Then somehow through this blog, my "song of the day" choices and preparing for Deol Dhamaka ... something happened. Sunny worked his way into my heart.

You see, Sunny has this way of looking at his heroine in sweet, romantic numbers. There's this look in his eyes that says, "You. You are the only woman for me. I am so, so, so in love with you."

And really now, how can a woman resist a man that looks at her like that?

So I wanted to share some of my favorite romantic Sunny Deol songs, to showcase his soft, sweet side and explain how he won me over:

MAHIYA TERI KASAM - Ghayal (1990)
This is one of my favorite Sunny songs ever, and one of the most romantic hindi songs of the early 90s (and that's saying something!). I wax poetic about it in this post.

MEIN TERI MOHABBAT MEIN - Tridev (1989)Another one of my favorite songs from the late 80s/early 90s, and it has that gorgeous haunting music that I can't resist playing every time I sit in front of a piano or keyboard. Can anyone tell me if that music is copied from something? I suspect it is ... anyway, how much would I love to frolick in the woods with Sunny! And be kissed sweetly on the forehead by him! Early Madhuri is quite funny to watch when one is used to her refined performances from her later career. But Sunny ... oh Sunny. Those love-drunk eyes! Look at how he lies under the tree holding her head ever-so-gently so as to not pull off the wig. So romantic.

UNGLI MEIN ANGOOTHI - Ram Avtar (1988)Frolicking in the woods seems to be the theme here. But I rather liked the Sunny-Sridevi dynamic. It's odd because they were both known as being painfully shy and reserved, so I don't know where this boatload of personality came from on-screen. Somehow I sense a shared respect that allowed them both to be comfortable. Anyway, there's something sweet about a guy who walks around with his hands in his pockets while you dance to heart's content, all the while watching you with his heart in his eyes. And then when he takes you in his arms ... powchickapowpow!

HUM TUMSE NA KUCH KEHE PAYE - Ziddi (1997)One of the most beautiful forgotten love songs of the 90s! Raveena is stunning in her bronze sari, so it's no wonder Sunny is so dazzled. This time it's a honeymoon-esque traipse through what looks like YRF Switzerland that's the backdrop (I suppose Sunny had matured past the woods by now).

LIKHA HAI YEH - Darr (1993)The Swiss honeymoon is again the backdrop for this more lighthearted romp with the cherubic Juhi Chawla. But Sunny is still able to charm her into the bubble bath with him. Mmmm. Bubble bath with Brawny Man.

Hope you enjoyed your date with Sunny Deol!

There's lots of fun posts about Sunny, his dad Dharamji, his brother Booby (sorry, Bobby), sister Esha, and cousin Abhay ... and maybe even some love for stepmom Hema, from my blogging friends for Deol Dhamaka, so be sure and check them out at this link!


  1. Yes!

    Funny, cos I've got a series of posts lined up that are just one clip for every Sunny film, and what I picked, for the most part, are ones that show his sweet side.

    Also? It's not only the look, but he has such a way of holding his heroines, he really supports them and looks comfortable, if you know what I mean (cos some heroes just look so awkward doing that). Gives me goosebumps whenever I see him do that.

    That bubble bath just kills me every time.

  2. SWOOOOOON. Sunny is adorable and macho at the same time. Just....swoon. Those eyes, THOSE EYES. (I really like him and Sridevi together too, I think they are sweet).

  3. Growing up I completely didn't understand the appeal of Sunny Deol. I didn't appreciate the brawny, raw masculinity and power of dishoom that he possessed.
    It seems that none of us girls who grew up watching 90s cinema quite got the Sunny appeal! All I remember of him from then is the maad dhaad as well...

    Nor did I understand how he could simultaneously be painfully shy and sweet AND the angry young man that could STOMP all the bad guys.
    I actually had no idea how shy he was until I saw interviews post YPD. I find it so adorable now.

    OMG Hum Tumse Na Kuch Keh Paaye... it has been an age since I heard that song <3 Loved the ones you picked for this post.

    For some reason I can't seem to associate Sunny in my head as "hot" and crushworthy... possibly because I would rather he be my jeejaaji XD I do like him now but have yet to go back and check out his old movies. Will do at some point.

  4. that right that girl that don't see the 90s movies don't see sunny deol so young and sweet with his amazing eyes. I See sunny deol movies but the first that I wily see woes the movie that he directed Dillagi then I go back to 80s to check his old movies and how you cant love him. :) and yes he woes always a shy guy. Dont forget the songs from Betaab ;)

  5. Really missing those high tension drama and amazing wrestler kind of body of Sunny Deol. He was the real macho man of bollywood.

    Today we are not able to see such kind of movie. Still missing those kind of dialogues - 2.5 kilo kaa haath.

  6. Sunny Deol was the total paisa wasool actor of 90s. But now, young generation will laugh on those kind of funny scenes.

    Today's youth do not want to see revenge kind of movie or villain and hero fight with bulky dialogues.

    However here are the top performance of Sunny Deol -

  7. So unfortunate that Sunny never receives his due as a romantic actor because all his hit films have action and violence but the guy exuded a warmth and charm all his own. Those eloquent eyes! That reserved smile! Growing up in the eighties, I totally adored him.
    Some Sunny songs are forever -

    Badal yun garajta hai from Betaab (very fresh and very sexy rain song)

    Ae Sagar ki Lehron from Samundar - gorgeous locations, a great R D Burman composition, and a tanned, athletic Sunny!

    Kis Karan Naiya Doli from Dacait (inspired surely, by Dad Dharmendra's LP song Kuch Kehta Hai Yeh Sawan... but I love Dacait because it's so terribly tragic)

    Kya Yeh Sach Hai from Dillagi (lovely composition, Urmila overacts but Sunny is super watchable)

    Just want to say, Amaluu, lovely blog, really enjoy your writing!

  8. It's funny reading you all talk about Sunny Deol this way. He was my first Bollywood crush. I remember watching Darr and everyone swooning over Shah Rukh Khan but for me it was Sunny who's won my heart. I totally love him in romantic roles; Betaab, Dillagi, Darr, And Gadar.

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