Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bob's Your Uncle!: My fave scene featuring Bob Christo

The lovely Beth of everyone's favorite blog Beth Loves Bollywood has organized a 1-day celebration in honor of the one and only late Bob Christo. Who is Bob Christo, you ask? Well if the phrase "Nahin Bajrang Bali, Nahin Bajrang Bali, Mera Bajrang Bali ..." doesn't ring a bell, then hop on over to Beth's list of links about the fabulous firang gentleman himself.

As for me, I can't say I've followed his career all that closely, but I DO remember him, and appreciate his fine work in getting beat up by our many heroes over the years. And though the Bajrang Bali scene from Mr. India is the one that most people remember him for ... MY Favorite scene starring Mr. Christo is from the wacky Jaani Dost. I've already stated my total adoration for this movie, warts and all. Yes, I know it's absolutely ridiculous. But I still love it, and mostly because of scenes like this.

Here we have the two heroes and their lovely heroines, being attacked by the terrible goondas (enter Bob Christo!! APPLAUSE!). A typical scene, and yet in this film it's given a fun, whimsical sort of feel. From Dharmendra dancing to tabla rhythms atop the bad guys to a conversation about "where the relationship is going" being staged in between fighting, this entire sequence is lighthearted and entertaining beyond the dishooms. And come on, Sridevi beating up the bad guys as Karate Rani Shalu? Priceless.

I particularly like the moment at about 3:59 where Parveen Babi tries to beat up Bob Christo ... his reactions are just amazing. Also, how fun is it that BOTH Bob Christo and Tom Alter played goons together in this movie?

Enjoy this scene - with subtitles!


  1. Bob AND Tom AND dishooming ladies! WOW! Fabulous choice :D

  2. Yay! I have laughed so hard today watching Bob getting attacked by flying snakes, having his head shoved into a bass drum, and peed on by a dog. And I have to agree that the expression on his face when Parveen is hitting him is hilarious. I can imagine all kinds of thought bubbles above his head.

  3. That is just awesome! ANOTHER film for the never-ending list too :)