Monday, April 11, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award - Because mein sab kuch karti hoon Shaan Se!

The ever so fabulous and sweet Mette of Lime Reviews has kindly added me to the list of *STYLISH BLOGGERS* floating around the net - which I'm completely grateful for as I'm fairly new to the BollyBlogging scene and I am constantly amazed by the graciousness with which I've been embraced. This is just a great network of passionate and fun-loving people who GET the ridiculous jokes that were always floating in my head when things in life got ... ahem, FILMY. Unfortunately the ABCDs that generally comprised my IRL friends in college never understood, and the "FOB" (though I hate that term, really) friends I had in  my years as a young, working professional just shake their head at me and say, "I can't believe how INDIAN you are when you were raised here!" -- just imagine what they would say to my countless friends of every which race and geographical location if they knew the depths of their filmi knowledge!

Anyway, the fun thing about this award is that we are to state 7 Facts about ourselves, and then pass along the torch to 7 other bloggers.

So here we go!

1.  I am absolutely 100% terrified of ghosts. I don't think they are going to do anything to me, I am just afraid of seeing one. I couldn't sleep for 3 nights after seeing The Sixth Sense. I am also afraid of loud noises - so I hate fireworks and balloons popping. If there's a balloon in the room I will be extremely tense, waiting for it to pop. And I always cover my ears during fireworks.

2.  I love to dance, but came to the horrible realization several years ago that I'm really not that good at the thing I love most in the world. I have all the tools to be a great dancer, but simply never pushed myself to excel, and now after all these years my body lacks the precision and athleticism it should have. And those that cannot do, teach. So I have come to love teaching.

3.  Anytime everyone seems to be obsessed or in love with a single person, I automatically develop an aversion to them. This has been the case since elementary school.

4.  I am a magnet for people who want to tell me over and over how beautiful and talented they are and how many people are in love with them. Gag.

5.  I used to want to be a dance choreographer for Bollywood movies, but after college I re-discovered classical dance (Bharata Natyam) and how amazing it is, and after that Bollywood stuff just felt like empty calories. It's still fun and all that, and I don't mind doing a light dance for a friend's wedding or something like that, but the idea of choreographing and/or performing a filmi dance for a stage is not as happy-making as doing a Thillana or a Varnam.

6.  I absolutely hate talking on the phone and avoid answering my phone as much as possible. However people can always reach me via email or facebook/twitter. Or texting.

7.  I actually hate any and all nicknames that people call me by and really wish people would call me by my name (Anandini. Ah-nun-the-knee. Anandini. Is it really THAT hard?). There is no cute or sweet-sounding nickname for my name. Who wants to be called "Nun" or "Nandi"? Not me.

Now the second part of this fun award is naming 7 other blogs that you admire! It's incredibly tough to narrow down my favorite blogs (there are SO MANY), and most of my favorites have already received this award from other bloggers. But nevertheless, here are 7 blogs that I truly admire:
I also need to mention that it was the amazing and talented Beth Loves Bollywood that drew me into the world of BollyBlogging (and she is probably on everyone's list of favorite bloggers, which means she's been nominated for this award many, many times!). Also the fun-loving, inclusive and amazingly creative Kay of Totally Filmi, Ness from Shahrukh is Love and Kara from Filmi Girl! are writers that I consider my BollyBlogging Gurus and inspiration! And of course, you must check out Mette's Lime Reviews: Confessions of a Bollywood Addict -- it's wonderful!

Me trying to be all Stylish and Bollywood!


  1. I love that last picture of yours - very Bollywood indeed :)

  2. Your name is so pretty, as are you! I can get why you wouldn't want to be called a not-so-pretty nickname.

  3. I love your name! So lovely! :)

    And love the picture! :D

  4. ahh that's so sweet of you, and that's a lovely picture of you x

  5. Nice picture!

    Guys check out my blog for a light-hearted view of Bollywood! I pay homage to the little known stars of Bollywood!

    Check it out here:

  6. That's a gorgeous picture Amaluu!! Thanks so much for the mention - I'm honoured! And it's great to find out more about you - the best thing about blogging is definitely the interaction.

  7. Thank you guys - you are all incredibly sweet. :-)

  8. HA! You're so awesome! I love your facts, a couple of them I can TOTALLY identify with...uh, obviously not the dance related ones. I love this meme, I love learning about all my bollyblogging mates :)