Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kapoor Khazana: The origins of those crazy nicknames!

This is sort of a mini-post, because I don't want to comment too heavily on these videos except to say how FREAKING ADORABLE they are and HOW MUCH I LOVE THESE GUYS and HOW CUTE IS NEETU??? But this episode of our favorite show to love/hate on, Koffee with Karan, features the three sons of Raj Kapoor - Randhir, Rishi (♥) and Rajeev. We get a lovely bonus of having the beautiful Neetu Singh also join them, along with the rarely seen sister of these guys, Reema.

There's a pretty good discussion of where all the silly Kapoor nicknames (Daboo, Chintu, Chimpoo, Lolo, Bebo, etc.) come from, which is worth checking out. I think Ranbir needs one of these crazy nicknames, despite Rishi's protests. Anyone got a good one for him? Perhaps 'Nangoo' - in tribute to his little naked dance in Saawariya? But mostly I like this episode because it's like hanging out with three drunk Punjabi uncles ... which I've been known to do occasionally. Hee Hee!

FYI, Daboo is hilarious!


  1. OHOHOH! In the Kapoor book I'm pretty sure it mentions Ranbir's nickname! I can't remember what it was (I'm at work, the book's at home) but I remember reading it SO VIVIDLY because I was all like "WAIT, WHAT! I THOUGHT RANBIR WAS ALL LIKE 'I MISSED OUT ON THE NICKNAME THING' ".

    Of course it might be that he had one when he was a kid and grew out of it or whatever, DAMMIT I need the book now! Someone look that ish up!

  2. Ness - you really need to tell me about your soft spot for Randhir!! I want to hear how this developed!

  3. OKAY I am home now and I have the book in front of me...maybe during Kapoor Khazana it should be The Book. Anyway. Page 301, re: Ranbir:

    "A plump child, he was nicknamed Gonglu...

    - so I guess it's a childhood nickname that hasn't stuck, OR that they are trying to keep on the downlow HAH BY DENYING ALL KNOWLEDGE!

    I actually haven't seen hardly any Randhir films (I think I only own a couple) but what I have seen of him onscreen and read of him, plus his interviews, he just comes across as a big cuddly loveable normal guy. Plus I think I feel a bit sad for him that he wasn't more successful because of the whole inbuilt competitive Kapoor thing - how each kapoor has to kind of distinguish themselves from the others and people thought he was too similar (screen persona wise) to Raj. I just have sympathy for underdogs, I guess.

  4. This is my absolute favourite KwK episode - I love it and have watched it God knows how many times.