Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kapoor Khazana: Dance like a Kapoor Playlist! *Karishma Kapoor*

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Time to do an extended Kapoor Khazana post in honor of Karishma Kapoor!

I have to preface this by saying I'm not really a fan of Karishma. I really made fun of her like crazy over the years for overacting and being generally awkward. But in retrospect, I like Karishma (aka Lolo) FAR more than her sister Kareena (aka Bebo). Kareena is certainly beautiful, but there's just something so annoying about her personality (or whatever we can tell of her personality). And though I never really liked Karishma's acting, there was never a sense that she wasn't a nice person. She seems more down-to-earth and humble than her sister, which makes me like her a hundred times more than Bebo.

My mom always liked her, strangely. I guess because Karishma's acting style was in line with the actresses of the 50s and 60s, when my mom was growing up. She always said Karishma reminded her of Sadhana, who was a friend of my mom's back in Bombay (and is Karishma's aunt). And whenever I watch old Mala Sinha movies, I totally think of Lolo and Bebo. They must have grown up studying the actresses of that era, and that's what they emulate on-screen.

I will give Karishma credit for being a pretty good dancer. I don't think she as fantastic as a lot of other people thought she was -- there's a certain awkwardness to her posture which makes me critical of her dancing. But then again, I am extremely critical of dancers. So regardless of my nit-picking, she certainly deserves her very own Dance Like a Kapoor Playlist!
*not in chronological order, just in order of how I thought of them*
**no commentary either, because really I don't have much to say except she's amusing.

Main Albeli - Zubeidaa

Mein to Raste Mein Jaa Raha Tha - Coolie No. 1

Husn Hai Suhana - Coolie No. 1

Le Gayi Le Gayi - Dil To Pagal Hai

Jhanjhariya - Krishna

Maiyya Yashoda - Hum Saath Saath Hai

Sona Kitna Sona Hai - Hero No. 1

Pucho Zara Pucho - Raja Hindustani

Aankh Milaoongi - Fiza

Oonchi Hai Building - Judwaa

Deewani - Mere Jeevan Saathi


  1. Love "Main Albeli" - I watched the song coincidentally at the beginning of my Bolly-madness.

  2. I *REALLY* want to get into Lolo's films, because I've not seen many, and because, as much as I DO like Bebo, I think that Lolo seems both a nicer person and, more importantly, is way hotter! :)
    BUT, trying to watch some of her songs I was stopped dead in my tracks by the hideous screechy caterwauling that is Lata post 1980. It's literally, quite literally, unbearable. Now matter how hard I try, I have to either abort watching, or mute the sound. That makes my mission to see more of the most Karismatic of the Kapoor sisters a real challenge. any recommendations for films of hers with the singing done by someone NOT 20 years past ideal lretirement age?

  3. I think the film Raja Hindustani is supposed to be prime Karishma viewing -- and I believe Alka Yagnik was the main playback singer so you can avoid Lata ... :-)

  4. I think I spent a huge chunk of my adolescence having a huge crush on Karisma.(It's not KarisHma :-))
    I realy thought she was the best dancer around at that time, but you probably have a better eye for that.
    And I especially liked her movies with Salman, they always seemed to be having tons of fun together.


  5. Really Asim? I didn't know that was the way she spelled it -- now I know! And that is so cute that you had a crush on her! I suppose you skipped over Prem Qaidi (in which she looked quite unfortunate and dressed mostly like a pink cupcake). While I can't call myself a fan, she does strike me as being a nice person for some reason. Perhaps it's just in comparison to how Bebo comes off. You know, I tried and tried to find a way to squeeze Nischaiy and Jaagruti in here, but couldn't manage it. :-)

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