Thursday, August 25, 2011

Song of the Day: Blister in the Sun, but BETTER! - Manam Virumbuthe from Nerukku Ner

The other night I was watching one of those 'hit song hours' on Jaya Max (can I just say how much I LOVE having Tamil channels through Dish Network?), and this song came on. I had almost completely forgotten about how much I love this song! Yes, ok, the lifted part from 'Blister in the Sun' is sort of silly, and the main part is copied from Thyagaraja's Manavyalakim (Carnatic/Classical song), but still - when this song came out EVERYONE was humming it.

Simran (one of my favorite Tamil actresses - ok I know she's not Tamil, but she was by and large, a Tamil film star) looks totally GORGEOUS and super young in it - I love her! And I actually cracked up laughing when Surya walks on-screen ... I had forgotten how absolutely teeny he was in Nerukku Ner (1997). Even if you don't watch the whole song, you HAVE to check out the part at about 1:10 when Surya walks in and strikes a pose.

The sidey girls are kind of hilarious in this too. It's like they purposely sought out the homeliest girls in all of India. It's almost sad when they make them gyrate like that (and a bit frightening too). I'm not sure what the random Kathakali dancers and the Elephant are doing there towards the end of the song, but whatevs.

I LOVE Harini's voice too ... she's so young but her classical touches are so lovely. She sounds really sweet. Githa from Words from a Lotus reminded me that there was an Unnikrishnan version of this song on the album that never made it in the film. Hahaha ... I would have loved to see a Baby Surya version of this!


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