Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quick Take: Ooh La La - Tu Hi Meri Fantasy ... the wannabe

So I listened to the "Ooh La La - Tu Hi Meri Fantasy" track from The Dirty Picture (Silk Smitha biopic starring Vidya Balan) today and at first I really liked what I was hearing. The music perfectly evoked the crazy, glittery feel of the 80s. I was envisioning stacks of matkas, brightly dressed background girls, etc.

But then as the song went on, it sort of went downhill for me. One issue being the lyrics ... I really feel like they could have come up with better than throwing in the word "Fantasy", and the "Ooh La La" just seemed like a cop-out.

And then by the first music interlude, I realized what they had done. They had simply taken an existing song from the 80s and played around with it a little, changed the lyrics, and OUILA!

Here's the original song:

And here's what they did with it:

You see? Come on, guys ... you mean you can't come up with an ORIGINAL song that evokes that time?


  1. except the music of the new oh la la are undoubtedly better...
    don't you think?
    ive been jamming to it for the past week!

  2. Also: Bappi Lahiri was music director of Mawaali and is the singer on Ooh La La - so rather than a rip-off, it could be possibly regarded as a revamp/revival of the original song. They haven't remixed it but brought him in to sing on the new version I think...which is kind of cool

  3. ...and I'm totally loving sleazy Naseeruddin!

  4. The film looks really good... I've missed Vidya.

  5. God the newer song is awful/embarrassing!