Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Satyabhama aur Rukmini Rani (dono Krishna ki thi deewani)

So obviously since I'm a dancer and come from a family of dancers, most of my movie song memories from the early days were songs that we performed on stage. Today's song of the day was one that I've actually never seen the original before today! Since I was six we've been doing the Satyabhama Aur Rukmini Rani mini-dance drama from Raja Aur Runk (1968). I had NO idea that Sanjeev Kumar was in it, much less that he played Krishna!!! I don't know what this all had to do with the movie but it appears to be a dream sequence while someone is relating the tale of how Krishna got stuck in a massive ego-battle between two of his wives. That's why polygamy = bad Krishna. Get with the program. Oh ok, I guess it's ok if you're GOD and all. Anyway Satyabhama is known to have a lot of pride, and she gets all pissed when Krishna goes to hang out with Rukmini for a while (who incidentally I thought he married first?!). Narada, our favorite troublemaker/sage tells her that if she can provide Krishna's weight in gold she'll get him back. She tries, and no matter how much wealth she heaps on the scales she can't lift Krishna at all. Insert Nelson's "Ha Ha" from The Simpsons.

So Narada takes Krishna off and tries to sell him in the bazaar (???) and Bhama is forced to go make nice with Ruks to pray and sing bhajans till they get Krishna back and learn to share like Kindergarten 101. Except it's your husband.

When I was little I got to be little sidey roles in this drama, but I was all excited when I got the big starring role of sociopath Satyabhama in 1999. Gotta find that tape. If I do I'll edit this post and add it.

So here's today's bollystalgic song of the day, "Oh Kanhaiya" or the Story of Satyabhama and Rukmini, from Raja Aur Runk.

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