Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Govinda Wishlist

Ok, I had a rather busy week/weekend with lots of relatives visiting, but now I'm ready to compose some final thoughts for Govinda Week.

I don't have any of his movies handy to review, but I thought I'd create a "Govinda Comedy Wishlist" of sorts ... he has done quite a few remakes of South Indian and Hollywood movies, including Hatya (Poovizhi Vasalile), Raja Babu (Rasakutty), Coolie No. 1 (Chinna Maapilai), Saajan Chale Sasural (Veera), Bade Miyan Chote Miyan (Bad Boys), Kyon Ki ... Mein Jhoot Nahin Boltha (Liar Liar), Partner (Hitch), etc.

There are lots more out there though that I think he could bring such life to ... so here is my list of comedy movies that I would love Govinda to remake into Hindi:

The Party (1968) starring Peter Sellers
One of the scenes from this movie already inspired hindi movies -- the lost-shoe-in-the-fountain gag from Pag Ghungroo (Namak Halal) done by Amitabh was from this movie.

Now watch this starting at about 6:00:

Anyway, The Party is about a bumbling wannabe actor with a knack for causing trouble wherever he goes. He accidentally ends up on the list of invitees for a big-time producer's party, and happily attends, thinking he can make contacts for his career. During the party, he causes mishap after mishap, until the entire party becomes an absolute circus - including a baby elephant.

Govinda would be PERFECT for a role like Hrundi V. Bakshi - the innocent and sweet guy that is a magnet for destruction. The movie has scene-after-hilarious-scene of instances that I can completely see ChiChi doing with full-on histrionics, like the episode where he is looking for a bathroom and cannot find an unoccupied one to save his life. Eventually he does find one, and this scene ensues:

(Toilet humor - perfect for our beloved ChiChi)

There are great moments for song and dance numbers, an opportunity for a fun cameo by a pretty boy with an empty head like John Abraham in the "Cowboy" role, and even a love interest angle!

David Dhawan, are you listening? How about a remake of this one for Govinda?

Michael Madana Kamarajan (1990) starring Kamal Hassan
 Ordinarily I would never suggest that anyone try to follow an act like Kamal Hassan - the guy is possibly one of the best actors to ever grace the screen and has the unique ability to make me cry - not many actors can! He also has dance skills that are beyond even our Govinda.

Michael Madana Kamarajan is one of my favorite Tamil movies EVER, and is definitely considered one of the best tamil comedies in existence.

Kamal Hassan played four roles in this movie, each with a distinct accent and demeanour. Michael is a gruff thug and counterfeiter, Madan is a wealthy, western-educated industrialist's son, Kameshwaran is a "Palghat Iyer" brahmin (as am I!!! WOOT!) who is adopted by the head cook for Hindu Brahmin weddings and speaks with an awesome mixed Tamil/Malayalam accent, and Raja, a firefighter/drama enthusiast who speaks with a Chennai tamil accent.

I WISH I could find scenes that had subtitles, but for those that understand tamil or have a friend that can translate, this scene with the fish accidentally falling into the strictly vegetarian brahmin cook's wedding feast is HILARIOUS:

There is amazing opportunity here for some great comedians to come together if this was remade in Hindi and I can't think of any actor that could do it ALMOST as well as Kamal except Govinda. I'm not sure how they could change the accent, or perhaps Govinda could tackle a South Indian trying to speak Hindi, who knows? He's got the talent, all he'd need would be some coaching and a great director.

There's also room for three solid comedic heroines too. I don't know who's got the chops these days (God, I miss Sridevi and Juhi), but hopefully they're out there. There's tons of character roles too. The ending is a fabulous rip-off of Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush.

There's also lots of fun songs, including this one, in which Kamal Hassan seems to be wearing a very Govinda-esque shirt (and we have subtitles!):

A fabulous movie with a plot to confusing to recap, but would guarantee lots of fun for the viewer!

Zoolander (2001) starring Ben Stiller 

This movie is amazingly funny, and Govinda could only make it better. Can you just imagine Govinda doing  "Blue Steel" or "Magnum"? I can, and it is good. My guess is that Salman Khan would play Owen Wilson's role, and Boman Irani is PERFECT for Will Ferrell's role of "Mugatu" ... I have mentally cast Vidya Balan as the intellectual, beautiful and formerly bulimic journalist played by Christine Taylor. Kader Khan as Jerry Stiller? Works for me!

Now watch this and imagine Govinda. Perfection.

If that ain't Blue Steel, then I don't know what is.

National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985)
Clark W. Griswold is a fabulous character ... he's equally bumbling, annoying, sweet and pitiable. Chevy Chase really brought him to life in the Vacation movies. European Vacation is by far my favorite ... and when I imagine what Govinda could bring to it, I just get all kinds of happy. They could either use locations and have it be a European Vacation, or they could make the "Griswold" family Americans (since they love to hate Westerners in Indian cinema) and have them travel through India! 

Now maybe I am just looking for excuses to bring Juhi Chawla into the picture, but I'd love to see her play the role of Ellen Griswold (played by Beverly D'Angelo).

Govinda could ACE a scene like this:

The Court Jester (1955) starring Danny Kaye
I don't know exactly how this would work in Hindi being that its a period piece set in medieval times, but if it could be translated somehow it would be amazing to see Govinda take on a multifaceted role like this. Danny Kaye is absolutely hilarious in this movie and goes from the goofy wannabe jester to a suave swashbuckler in the snap of a finger (literally). Also there are two great heroine roles, the Princess played by gorgeous, young Angela Lansbury, and the love-interest played by Glynis Johns.

The comedy is to die for, as evidenced by scenes like this:

And amazing songs like this:

And since we all know how awesome Govinda is at fight sequences, I'd love to see him wield a sword:

Period pieces rarely do well ... I wonder how a period-comedy would work?

Chinna Veedu (1985) starring K. Bhagyaraj
So this film was a bit "ghatiya" but still had some super hilarious moments ... the only problem being I can't really see Govinda cast as a dashing new groom married to an overweight bride. Not that Bhagyaraj was really my idea of "dashing" either, but still. The story would have to be adjusted somewhat to him perhaps being an "older" groom that was seeking a young, beautiful bride and his parents found one, only she isn't quite the size he expected. And considering Govinda's size, this would be perfectly ironic and hypocritical, as men usually are about such things. 

Bhagyaraj's character ISN'T likeable in this film, and I'm not a fan of movies about adultery. I found Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna annoying because I couldn't relate to either of the main characters and didn't find their actions justifiable. Similarly, I didn't like Bhagyaraj's character in this movie or agree with his actions. Nor did I like the poking fun at the overweight, not being model-thin myself. However, that was really the point in this movie, I think. She wasn't his idea of perfect beauty, but she was everything a man should want in a wife: kind, educated, patient, clever, humble, sweet, intelligent, sincere, etc. etc. etc. 

"Chinna Veedu" refers to a second or "small" household that a man sets up for his mistress, and that is what Bhagyaraj's character does in this movie, despite his wife's numerous attempts to connect with him. Eventually, after finding out the mistress was a con-artist, he repents and reconciles with his wife. Unfortunately it took that for him to realize his mistakes, but I suppose it's good that he recognizes it.

The comedy scenes were memorable though, despite the more serious tones of the movie. Most notable was the way that Bhagyaraj tried to pose as an educated, English-speaking intellectual to his wife, only to find out after meeting his brother-in-law that his wife speaks perfect English, but also has studied up to a Master's degree as compared with his Bachelors. As Nelson from the Simpsons would say, "Ha Ha!"

Kaadhala Kaadhala (1998) starring Kamal Hassan
This is my 2nd favorite tamil comedy besides Michael Madana ... and of course it stars Kamal Hassan and Prabhudeva. It's a huge comedy of errors with lots of slapstick, mistaken identities, miscommunication, etc. - all done in a hilarious manner and made even more amazing due to the one-liners by Kamal Hassan. And since we know how (ahem) close Govinda likes to get with his male co-stars, this song would be in line with his work:


Obviously I'm thinking Govinda for Kamal Hassan's role, but who should play Prabhudeva's role? I don't want to say Salman Khan again, despite their mutual admiration society. Perhaps our Govinda scholars Totally Filmi & Shahrukh is Love can decide.
Little Miss Sunshine (2006) starring Steve Carrell
It's a slightly dark comedy, but a comedy just the same, and that's what I like to see our ChiChi do. I can totally see Govinda in two of the roles, Steve Carrell, the gay uncle, or Alan Arkin's role as the potty-mouth grandfather that teaches little Olive the dance to "Superfreak":

Our Govinda is too young to play a grandfather, but if they adjusted the role slightly to be an ailing uncle, or maybe combined Steve Carrell & Alan Arkin's roles, it could work! A girl can dream can't she?

There's probably many more, but I'll stop here because I think my family is getting annoyed with me sitting on the computer. But I'd like to thank Kay of for organizing Govinda Week and allowing me to be a part of it, Ness of Shahrukh Is Love for her amazing posts this past week, and Beth Loves Bollywood for introducing me to the Bollyblogging world. It's been real so far guys, I'm looking forward to much more.


  1. Chi Chi as Zoolander = AMAAAAZE. I can't believe Bollywood hasn't done this movie already, to be honest, your casting is spot on. Boman as Mugatu, OMG CLASSIC!

    But Govinda in a Little Miss Sunshine remake is GENIUS. He would be utterly HEARTBREAKING in the Steve Carrell role. Oh, I want this to happen now, so bad.

  2. Oh, what a great post to end on -- I've been mulling over possible remakes all week, and you've come up with some great choices.

    Thanks so much for taking part -- I had a lot of fun reading!