Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Song of the Day: Dream Girl attacks the Insomniac

I've been having this insomnia issue for a couple of months now and found it rather ironic that tonight as I've been goofing off on the net instead of going to sleep like a good girl, the song I'm humming to myself is "Dream Girl"- the title song from the fabulous 1977 movie starring THE dream girl Hema Malini and "Garam Dharam" Dharmendra.

I do have some comments/questions though:

- Who TP'd Hema Malini's portrait with the giant white question mark? They have questions too?
- Where did HM get her industrial-strength magic dupatta - strong enough for Dharam to walk on?
- What kind of acid was he on at 0:47? It reminds me of Disney's The Three Caballeros. Trippy.
- Why couldn't they have saved these sets as a tourist attraction? I for one would love to dress up in my finest lehengas and traipse around on them.
- WHERE ARE WE at 2:05? His dream bedroom? It is terrifying.
- The giant wedding cake at roughly 3:00 is inspired. I want to believe it's edible too. And I want to visit it.
- What is that moon made of at 3:23? It's not green cheese! And isn't levitating supposed to be a demonic power, Hems?
- Edward Cullen ain't got NUTHIN on our sparkly Hems at 3:33. I SO wanted to BE her. Look at how her lipgloss twinkles!
- I must be really hungry because it looks to me like the room at 4:18 is filled with giant gulab jamuns.

Ok that's enough - enjoy!

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  1. Omgosh! I looove this crazy video, especially the glorious pink bedroom and the nutty furniture and design, and I'm definitely hungry after looking at those jumbo gulab jamuns! But what an excellent on acid showcase of the gorgeous Hema!