Monday, August 23, 2010

Song of the Day: Sri's most WTF video ever (SRIDEVIPALOOZA)

Though I was a big fan of the Sridevi-Jeetendra jodi, they did perhaps peak around 1984, because some of the stuff that came out after that time was very questionable. I didn't get to watch many of their films together post 1985, and after watching this video, I'm not sorry.

This video was SO full of WTF-ery I just felt miserable for Sri that she had to be in it. From the 1985 film Balidaan, here is "Aaja Ek Hoja".

First of all, someone explain to me the big giant shower rooms with only a half-wall separating them? And then there's a convenient chunk of wall missing for Jeetendra to get his Peeping Tom on?

Also, I hope someone has seen this movie and can explain them entering these giant shower rooms with their clothes on? Sridevi seems to have a special bathing dress inspired by Satyam Shivam Sundaram on (with a faboo silver belt, I hope it doesn't tarnish!), but Jeetu is in red shortie-shorts!!! AAAGGGGH my eyes!!!

The the wall separating them disappears back into the wall?! This must be the Prefect's Bathroom at Hogwarts.

Then we're jetted off to a dream set, which is another giant shower room, but this one is tricked out with greek columns, statues, arches and stained glass windows. And of course they had to put poor Sri in a white sari.

At around 3:45 we're transported off again into a giant bubble bath of WTF. Jeetu seems to have jumped in wearing his tennis shorties, because he's still got his socks on. Looks damn uncomfortable. And inexplicably, there are showerheads running all around and above the bubble bath. I keep looking around for Helen because it looks like the kind of place she'd hang out.

It doesn't seem like any of the usual suspects have blogged about this movie, and I can definitely see why. I'm curious because this video makes absolutely NO SENSE, and this coming from someone raised on Bollywood WTF-ery. I'd definitely love to hear from someone who saw this movie that could possibly tell me about the plot points leading up to this song.

Anyway, Sridevipalooza continues though the official dates have ended! I'll be reviewing Masterji soon so keep an eye out!


  1. My poor eyes couldn't make it through more than the first minute of that. :(

    Glad that Sridevipalooza will be alive and kicking a little while longer...*someone* didn't get her act together this week and has four half-finished posts to add to the party. (I've decided the people who voted me "Class Procrastinator" in high school were remarkably prescient.)

  2. Wow. That _is_ super WTF. Gotta admit, though, that this song is exactly why I love to go youtube spelunking and I'm glad to know it exists even if I don't actually want to see it ever again :)