Saturday, August 14, 2010

SRIDEVIPALOOZA Quick-take - Kamal + Sridevi = Comedy Gold!

Just a quickie post guys - was thinking about the powerhouse combination of Kamal Hassan and Sridevi that we Southies got to enjoy in the 80s, but Hindi movies only really got to experience with the AMAZING Sadma.

Kamal Hassan is definitely one of my favorite comedic actors, and may very well be my all-time favorite actor if I really think about it. And when he and Sridevi got together, it was just pure comedy gold!

Just wanted to share two examples of how amazingly funny these two were together ...

The first is from one of my favorite tamil movies, and one that I hope to do a recap of soon - Meendum Kokila. In it they play a young married couple whose happy home life is threatened by the husband (who is a lawyer)'s client - a beautiful, unmarried and lonely actress named Kamini. This is a dream sequence that Sridevi's character has, and in it they play the roles of Radha and Krishna - though the Krishna is a bit ... alternative, shall we say? But it's just the kind of humor I love - subtle and totally silly.

My fave moments:
- Don't you just love Krishna's silver satin jacket and matching hat (with the peacock feather).
- Right away I love at 0:56 when she hits him too hard.
- At 1:02 when she stops him from opening his jacket - LOL!
- 1:28 when he plays the flute to magically draw her to him!
- 1:47 when he falls, and then at 1:59 when something is under his back.
- 2:29 when he almost drops her!
- 3:27 when he trips on the stairs.

Needless to say, she is totally gorgeous and SO young in this!

The next one is from Hare Radha Hare Krishna, which I believe is a dubbed movie - the original is Okka Radha Iddaru Krishnulu. I had a tamil copy on VHS once, but lost it long ago, before I had a chance to watch it. It is available on YouTube though, so I might try to watch it one of these days. This song is HILARIOUS though.

EDIT - I could only find the Telugu song on YouTube, so here's Madura Murali -

Thoughts/Fave Moments:
-Sri looks AMAZINGLY gorgeous in traditional South Indian paavadai-dhaavani.
- Love the giant flute Kamal is lying on right at the beginning
- Look at her face at 0:53 when he gives her the flute!
- The 1st music interlude at 1:09 where he CHURNS her and they make butter, which he holds like a proud father - LOL!
- 1:43 when he steps in something ... unsavoury ...
- 1:51 when he throws his angavastram and dust comes out & he sneezes, hilarious and SO random!
- The whole sequence at 2:11 when he gives her the flute and her face falls, and then he accidentally hits her in the eye ... haha!
- 2:42 when he checks his watch and tells her to meet him later
- the whole ice cream sequence starting at 2:47 when Sridevi is making a MESS and then Kamal drops his and starts eyeing hers!
- 3:14 when he thinks he's being held up.
- 3:23 when he hurts his finger playing raas
- 3:32 when she gets up all ungracefully
- 3:52 when she almost falls off the bench and the moments after, until the end when they can't figure out how to hug each other with the raas sticks ...


I saw this interview recently where Kamal Hassan describes his relationship with Sridevi as being like siblings ... they certainly had a chemistry that is very different from the kind of romantic tension you see between Amitabh and Rekha ... there's a comfort that is more along the lines of Shah Rukh and Kajol. Whatever the case may be, their comedy together was unbeatable, and that makes them one of my favorite Jodis! If you only watch one of their movies together, I definitely recommend the Hindi movie Sadma or it's Tamil original, Moondram Pirai.

More Sridevipalooza posts to come, keep an eye on my Delicious and Tumblr links!

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