Friday, August 13, 2010

SRIDEVIPALOOZA: The Sridevi-Jeetendra Workout Video

Swagatam doston, welcome to SRIDEVIPALOOZA 2010 - a week dedicated to one of the most gorgeous ladies of Hindi/Tamil/Telugu/etc. cinema - the one and only Chandni, Sridevi. Here is an opportunity to celebrate (or snark on) our favorite films, songs, scenes, etc. of ol' Thunder Thighs (as she was called after she wore a bathing suit in the movie Himmatwala).

I hope you will participate by sending me links to your blog posts, podcast episodes, etc., and I will collect them on my Tumblr and Delicious accounts.

To launch Sridevipalooza 2010, I herewith submit-

The most challenging workout you'll ever do, get in shape and have the time of your life!

Sridevi and Jeetendra had a solid run of hits together, and were known for the song & dance numbers that they did together. It was a hilarious combo because Jeetendra's dancing was mostly stiff and awkward, and the dances were obviously choreographed to accommodate his abilities, or lack thereof. As a result the moves tend to be pretty spastic and I would never be able to do them with a straight face.

But man, would they ever make an awesome workout video!!!

So here it is, the Ultimate Sridevi-Jeetendra Workout Video List. I hope you get up and try some of these moves, though I'm guessing that like me, you'd start cracking up mid-move because you feel so silly doing them.


Taki O Taki is definitely one of my favorite songs from this movie - and let me tell you - you HAVE to try getting up and doing these moves along with the video. Although I have to say, I got a bit exhausted trying to fit in the costume changes during the musical interludes.

Also have to recommend two other fabulous workout songs from this movie, Wah Wah Wah Khel Shuroo Ho Gaya *starts at about 1:28 in* and the absolutely amazing Nainon Mein Sapna.


Besides the awesome fact that Sridevi's character's name was "Karate Rani Shalu" in this movie, there was the added bonus of an chimpanzee, used effectively in the song Baaghon Ki Tu Rani Hai to maximize your workout. I use my toddler in lieu of an chimp, and I know some of you have cats so NO EXCUSES!

Note: don't be offended by the strategic placement of the apples at 2:19. Women = fruit = fertility and birth. It's actually a celebration of the celestial Earth Mother. Or something like that.

And btw, that last outfit, the yellow one where her hair is in those cute pin curls? Yeah, I would have killed to have that outfit ... when I was 7. They did realize that she wasn't in grade school, right?


Forget the toning sneakers of today. Do this workout in super-high heels like Sri and your calves will be amazing. Plus it engages your core muscles. And how can you not be motivated by lyrics like Mamma Miya Pom Pom? They even brought in Archie from Riverdale's jalopy as a prop! There's a required sprint at 0:58 (v. tough in the heels) and again at 2:12.

Bonus Workout Material: Saath Mere Aaogi ... I actually had that polka dot sundress she's wearing in it. Except I was 7. But this song is problematic in that it makes me want to go eat ice cream. Which defeats the workout. However if you dance along to the whole song, then you might have earned yourself a single scoop. There's even sit-ups/crunches at 2:12. Ness from Shah Rukh is Love may also enjoy seeing her Nemesis No. 1 Kader Khan get punched in the face a couple times.

MAWAALI (1983)

Ok watching these videos, I'm starting to see why I was so nuts about Sridevi. Her outfits in these movies are a 7-year-old's DREAM wardrobe. But fashion aside, Baap Ki Kasam is another great workout - lots of jumps, kicks and twists to get your cardio going and engage your ab muscles.

Want more cardio? Jhopdi Mein Charpai has some fun moves for you (and more outfits I would have killed to wear for my grade school picture days)!
*wish I could find a better copy*

Tohfa (1984)

Tohfa had a song to match each of the Himmatwala ones. The match for Taki O Taki was Ek Aankh Maroon - a fun dance with simple moves that are easy to pick up -

But far more glorious is Tohfa's answer to Nainon Mein Sapna, Gori Tere Ang Ang Mein! How gorgeous and sparkly is Sri in this?! And yes, the workout ... lots of running in this one. Not to mention that it's always harder running/dancing on sand, so you have increased resistance. You also have to do weights carrying all those pots in, and rearranging them in different formations.


The Dil Legaya Tu move in Chor Chor will really get your heart rate going. Lots of little hops in place.


One of the best things about Sri-Jeetu workout songs is that they are often repetitive, so you can dance along like a Zumba class, and if you don't get the moves the first time, it will most likely be repeated on the other side (or in a different location/outfit). So in Jab Ladki Seeti, you'll see a bit of a bhangra influence, with lots of jumps, hops, shoulder shakes and even a bit of working your quads with full squats!

Want to do some jogging? Jog along with Jeetu and Sri in Aankhen Do!


So the Bollyaerobics moves aren't enough for you. Try out Ghar Tere Aaoongi for a taste of Raas (Gujarat), Lavani (Maharashtra) and Bhangra (Punjab). These moves are actually pretty challenging! Lots of quad work with the squats and lunges!

In case you get injured during your workout, you can always have Jeetendra check you out - did you know he's a doctor?? He helped out Sri in Chot Lagi Hai Kahan.

SUHAGAN (1986)

Ok so Ghunghta Khol Na from Suhagan sounds suspiciously like the popular garba/raas songs "Odhni Odho Na Udi Udi Jaye" and Roop Rasila Chora ... but this is hardly a BAD thing because it's one of my favorite Gujarati songs and gets me super pumped for Navratri Garba/Raas Season. If you've never been to a Navratri Garba before, it's an AMAZING workout.

As far as this song goes - it's simple enough and uses a lot of something I call "The Uncle Step" which is kind of a step-touch step-touch move. If you require more of a challenge, try the kids in the background's moves.

If you really want to work out your quads and feel them BURN, you must try this choreography from Tu Ladka Garam Masala! The squats during the chorus line are killer (and also a bit scandalous with Jeetu thrusting at Sri's face). This song generally is more challenging too, just in terms of the choreography. Lots of super high jumps too - gets the heart really pumping.

Note: If you're not familiar with this movie, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the Chama Cham Chai Chai number ... it's a doozy. One should avoid it if you have a fear of giant severed hands.


Perhaps by now you are tired of all the Hindi and want something you can understand and sing along to. Well, here you go! The lyrics to this song go, "Touch Me Touch Me I Want To Feel Your Body ... You are miiiiiiiine, I am yooooooours" ... however this clarity is short-lived as we are subjected the following lyrics soon after, "Tak Tak Deedum, Dum Naka Sheedum". No it's ok, it's not you. NO ONE can understand that.

Ignore the fact that Sridevi is bit overdressed for the forest in her Mrs. USA contestant/Mother-of-the-Bride outfit. The first 30 seconds or so ALONE are exhausting. This is an all-out cardio romp. The song has a fun disco vibe too!

To mix up your routine a bit, you might want to try out the most popular class at gyms and dance studios around these days ... Bellydancing!!! Haya Parda is mostly likely copied off of an Arabic or Pakistani song, and gives you the opportunity to shake and shimmy with Sri and Jeetu (seriously, Jeetu shaking and shimmying is HILARIOUS).

There is additional workout fun in this movie with the peppy number Mumbai Roke To Roke - which also utilizes different styles of dance from Maharashtrian to Bengali to Tamil. WOOT.

MAJAAL (1987)

Don't have enough time to work out? It's ok, the Sridevi-Jeetendra Workout can be incorporated into your daily tasks, like dusting the house! Songs like the earlier mentioned Nainon Mein Sapna and this, one, Hai Rama, use feather dusters as part of the routine!

Majaal also boasts two other great Sridevi-Jeetendra Workout Songs, which use your typical aerobicize moves that we can expect from the Sri & Jeetu combo. One is Tum Into Mein and the other is the fabulous Ting Ting Ghanti, which can be your Cool Down.

So here is your extended workout program, led by your incredible instructors, Jumping Jack Flash Jeetendra and the Beautiful Siren of the South, Sridevi. Working out and losing weight can be FUN! Ditch the treadmill, and get with the Bolly!

Please stay with us over the next week as we explore different roles, songs, and movies from Sridevi's incredible filmography! SRIDEVIPALOOZA is on, babyyyy! Visit the or Tumblr accounts or check back here regularly for updates on Sridevi-themed posts from our friends at Totally Filmi, Shah Rukh is Love, Beth Loves Bollywood, UPodcast, Bollywood Deewana, Cinema Chaat, Filmi Geek, Filmi Girl, Bombay Talkies, Roti Kapada aur Rum and many more! (if I missed you, please let me know!!!)


  1. What a great idea! And it's so true!It's been a source of amusement and amazement to see Sri Devi (or as we call her "Poor Sri Devi") teamed up with some of the most confirmed non-dancers who ever danced. Her choreographers must have been in tears. I often am! Tears of laughter perhaps...but still. We also loved this song as a workout and self defence class:
    Cheers! Temple

  2. OMG at complete and utter random, the video I wrote about today is also on your list! WHOA! :) I think you should make this (and all your other song lists) into actual youtube playlists (you know, with all that abundant free time you have) - imagine the dance parties we can have!

  3. Temple/Heather - I LOVE that fight song from Mawaali! Especially the Paani Puri, Behl Puri, Ragda Patty part!

    Ness - did you catch the shout-out? I thought you'd like seeing your Nemesis #1 getting socked in the face.

    Beth - how could you resist the orangutan??? And the gratuitous comparisons of Sridevi & fruit? I seriously wanted that last yellow outfit SO much when I was little. With the hairdo and the hair ribbons and everything. Great idea w/ the playlists. I shall do it! :-)

  4. Playlist DONE :) (I don't want to work, can you tell?)

  5. Sorry to comment-bomb you but I cannot resist when inspired by all these amazing videos! Your comment about loving Sri because of her clothes made me snort with giggles because I so recognize that in myself regarding the 70s heroines. That said, my inner 12-year-old is pretty enamored of all these coordinated capri pant ensembles. And DAMN they put Jeetendra in some tight pants, didn't they?

    Per Temple's comment, the more I hear people who know about dance talk about Jeetendra, the more confusing his fame becomes. Why does he have a reputation as a dancer? Is it through sheer exuberance (which dance-ignorant I certainly would award him in spades)? Or is he just better than most of the other men at the time and he looks great by comparison?

  6. It's extremely confusing to me that he was known as "Jumping Jack Flash Jeetendra" - it was ALWAYS clear to me that the dude couldn't dance to save his life. But perhaps it wasn't his fault. Perhaps his circulation was cut off by the tight, tight pants.

    Beth - PLEEEEASE comment bomb me, I love it! And there's so much to say about these, isn't there???

  7. Amaluu! There are obviously so many Sri movie out there that I need to see! thanks for doing this, and the great parallels u drew. Love it.

  8. ACK! Edited after a re-watch ... it was a CHIMP! Not an orangutan! My memory failed me.

  9. Thanks Shweta - it was so fun! Will you be joining us in celebrating Sri?

  10. Vah! vah! vah!You've really outdone yourself here, i myself had an idea for doing my fave Sri/Jeetu songs, i'll still go on with them though i'll just have to find a way around it though, as you've featured a lot of them already

    Jeetendra really is a skilled dancer watch him in Caravan to see what I'm saying, the 80's turned him into this aerobic style dancer but in caravan and earlier films watch closely and you'll see he's a skilled dancer

  11. Oh Bollywooddeewana, I hope you still do it - there's many I skipped for not being Aerobic enough, awesome songs like "Oh Milan" from Tohfa, "Aaj Subah Jab Mein Jaga" from Aag aur Shola, etc.! I love your summary posts from Sri's movies and have linked them up!

  12. Bollywooddeewana - Oooh good point about the 80s dancing! My first Jeetendra exposure (...that sounds bad) was in 70s masala and I LOVED him there.

  13. What perfect timing! I've been on a Sridevi kick this week.

    Joining the birthday celebrations with this post:

  14. HAHAHAH!

    I fell down a Jeetendra worm hole over at Youtube and now am back to square one for Sridevi.