Friday, July 9, 2010

PSA: Sridevi Week i.e. Sridevipalooza coming up Aug 13-20

Since I was a teeny-tiny bholi-bhali baby, my favorite actress has been the inimitable Sridevi. I totally wanted to BE her, even going so far as wearing white all the time when I was 14 because I thought I was Chandni. One of the most exciting days of my childhood was when Rekha came in concert to Detroit and some photographer took my sister and I (then ages 7 and 5) up to her suite after the performance. When her staff saw us at the door they called out "Rekha-ji, dekhiye kaun aaya" and she peeked out, took one look at us, YELPED IN JOY and pulled us into the room. She dragged me to one of the aunties in the room and said "Who does she look like?" and they all replied "Sridevi!" and OMG SHE TOTALLY MADE MY LIFE! (Note: I might have been cute and looked a bit like Sri as a child, but woefully, did not retain those looks past the age of 8. Boo.)

No, not so much? Ok, but a kid can dream, right?

Someone needed to sing this to me:

So anyway, in honor of Sribaby's birthday coming up on August 13th, I thought it was time to rally up the troops and organize a theme Bollyblogging week! So here we go folks, time to blog, vlog or podcast about the most beautiful woman in Hindi Cinema, Aishwariya be damned. SRIDEVI WEEK, lovingly known as SRIDEVIPALOOZA, will be held August 13-20, 2010.

I know I'm late in joining this game and a lot of you have already done some fabulous posts about Sri's movies, so to you I say ... it's never too late to celebrate Sri! I'll be happy to link up to back-posts about Sridevi's movies, songs, dances, appearances, interviews, etc.


So pull out those DVDs and start thinking of your favorites, and let's post our thoughts about the beautiful, talented, super-amazing SRIDEVI. I'll collect all the links and organize them, so once you've written up a post/posted an audio podcast/video blogged, please send me the link!

Looking forward to having lots of participants, since I know how much we love this woman. Please do pass the info along to your Bollyblogging friends. The more the merrier!


  1. OMG that is THE BEST STORY EVER! Rekha thought baby-you looked like Sridevi? AWESOME FOREVER!

  2. She caused a total freakish obsession for Sri in me. But yes, it was one of those moments in life where everything goes still. At least as much as it can for a 5 yr old. It was the coolest thing EVER. Also Rekha was super cool because she loved that we were wearing Paavadais (South Indian skirts) and when she found out we were Bharatanatyam dancers she made us do Alarippu for her and even posed with us for a picture mid-dance. GOD, I've got to find that picture.

    But anyway, back to Sridevi ... I totally luuuurve her!

  3. I'll start watching indeed and you just have to find that picture of Rekha she's one of my favourites

  4. Sridevipalooza! in a word AWESOME. Can't wait for it to start. If you haven't seen the channel on youtube yet check out TheDeviDairies it's great. Check out...

    PS..Really enjoying your blog

  5. lvrplfc4l - thanks! that video is amazing!! I adore her.

  6. hi, everyone please join the forum