Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shameful Classics Week: Slap me baby!

Today's Song of the Day is definitely a Shameful Classic. From the Telugu hit movie "Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari" starring Chiranjeevi and Sridevi, in which she plays an Apsara. Just check out this plot description from Wikipedia:

The story revolves around Raju (Chiru), a guide and caretaker of 4 young orphans. One day he comes upon a magical ring in the Himalayas, where he had gone to search for a cure for one of the children, who was accidentally injured. The ring belongs to a celestial being, Indraja (Sridevi), the daughter of Lord Indra.

She comes back to Earth to retrieve it. During her earthly voyage, she becomes close with the orphans, she is kidnapped by a sorcerer who wants to sacrifice her to become immortal, is rescued, and eventually finds true love, Raju. She, at the end, throws away her ring and goes to her love to live a mortal life instead of returning to her heavenly abode.

Ummmm. Yeah. Awesome.

But that's not what makes this song shameful. Nor is the song itself, which was a super-duper hit and was copied in Hindi and also a super duper hit that made Madhuri Dixit even MORE famous than she already was.

The shame is liking the picturization of this song DESPITE the fact that it's fantasy/love song stemming from the fact that Chiranjeevi SLAPS Sridevi across the face. He SLAPS her. And that makes her fall in "lowwe" with him.

Ugh. I mean, just, UGH.

And yet, this song is just amazing. Is it awesome enough to overcome the totally inappropriate slap and the subsequent glorification of it?

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